Something magical happened…

This morning I was doing my typical morning meditation (a guided meditation on YouTube) before starting the day.

Out of nowhere (or YouTube targeting…) a new meditation started that was from Deepak Chopra.

It started off by saying…

“What is the secret of attraction?

The secret of attraction is… just… be yourself.”

Deepak’s voice echoed in my mind…

“The secret of attraction is… just… be yourself.”

Back when I was in online coaching, my biggest inspiration was Brendon Burchard.

I LOVED his videos. So I tried copying him.

Notice the similarities?

Then I got really into Marie Forleo’s videos.

So… whatdaya know…

Again… super awkward.

My videographer and I were in a rush one day so I said, “Let’s do the video outside.” It felt so good.  So natural. I was being myself.  People could tell. That video got the most views out of any I had published.

They saw me being myself.

When it comes to your emails, your subscribers have good BS meters.

They will know when you’re being yourself and when you’re not.

In order to build rapport (Know, Like, Trust, Value), you need to consistently show up as yourself.

If ya don’t, then expect them to swipe left and move on to the next eligible coach/expert…

Even if you want to be known as the “Expert in <blank>,” you still need to show up as your whole self if you want to become an Authentic Influencer.

This is the first step that I dive into with each one of my clients.  Before writing a word of copy we get super clear of how they are going to show up to the party.

Ever hear of Ethos (gut), Pathos (heart), & Logos (head) from the famous philosopher Aristotle? This is how you persuade as an Influencer.

Writing a badass autoresponder isn’t just clicking open a word doc and writing some stuff.  There’s a lot of strategy that goes into it.

The strategy is what separates the sh*t from the gold.  It’s gotta be entertaining.

This stuff is our peanut butter and jam at Conscious Copy. We LOVE helping coaches and experts in the personal growth space get clear of their authentic voice when it comes to emails.

Wrappin’ up today’s lesson: People are craving you.  Just to be YOU.  When you are authentic online… people notice. When you’re not, you’re just wannabe.

Comment below: How can you show more of YOU to your audience?