Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever gone on a trip solely because you wanted to get on an airplane?

Probably not.

You got on the airplane because you wanted to get to a destination… not because you wanted to spend 4 hours on a plane.

Your product/service is like an airplane. It gets your ideal client to their ideal destination.

So you need to paint a picture of the destination, of the OUTCOME that your ideal client wants.

I see so many coaches, experts, and thought leaders trying to sell the airplane.

They fill their sales copy with all of the features of how awesome their product or service is… but fail to focus on what the outcome will be.

Are you focusing more on the HOW (how they will get there… the airplane) in your sales copy, or are you focusing on the WHAT (what the outcome will be… the destination)?

One surefire way to murder a sale is to focus solely on yourself, your product, and your service.

Your action step today:

Go through your sales copy and make sure that you’re focusing on what your product/service can DO for the prospect (the destination). Focus on how it will help him or her… how it can change their life and give them the results they are looking for.

Think about it.

When we buy something, we do it for what the product can DO for us… and how it will make us FEEL and be perceived by others. We also buy things to solve a problem. So focus on the solution you can provide for them.

Yeah, the features of the product are really important, and it’s important to be specific about them…

But frame it in a way that focuses on the benefits the customer will receive — or even, the benefits they will miss out on if they don’t take immediate action and miss the opportunity to take you up on your offer.

Not to mention… the bigger the gap between the BEFORE & AFTER (aka Transformation), the more you can charge!

Your tribe is going to spend a lot more money to get to that paradise beach vacation than they are to get to the inside of an airplane.

It’s also important to include components like a Guarantee, Scarcity, and Bonuses so you can make it a no-brainer… but more on those later 😉