You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers 🙂

When I was first starting out in the world of email marketing, I had SO many questions. And oftentimes, I would pretend I knew what everyone was talking about, but was secretly keeping a list of questions to google later!

Below are the questions I get asked THE MOST now that go-to direct response email copywriter to the top coaches and experts in the online coaching transformation space.

1. How do I get more people to open my emails?

Ever write a completely badass email, that links to maybe one of the best sales pages you’ve ever had… only to find that hardly anyone even opened that email to read it in the first place?

You check your open rates… and see that only around 8% of the people you sent the email to actually opened it?

Don’t worry — it happens to everyone here and there… at least, when you’re still getting the hang of this whole thing.

One big way to get more people to open your emails is to include killer subject lines.  You can try to inject more curiosity in them, use a “shock and awe” style subject line, a straight benefit subject line, and many other types too.

There are a TON of different subject line examples and strategies out there… my recommendation would be to find the ones that resonate with you, and then go out there and TEST them.  You’ll eventually find what works for you!

Another way is to train your prospects and customers to regularly open your emails — such as training them on the thank you page, offering value (and not just pitching something), having them “whitelist” your email address, and consistently send them valuable content.

2. How many emails should I be ending each week?

I wish there was a straight, clear cut answer to this…

The truth is, it really depends.

Some marketers like to send daily emails.  However, what I’ve found is that typically 1-5 emails per week is effective.

But, it really depends on how much value you are delivering, what your offers are, if your audience is engaged, and how your list has been responding.

It also really helps if you can get an extra pair of eyes on your campaign… or even an outside consultant to point out the “blind spots” and help you pinpoint the strategy that’ll work best for you.

3. How do I write in my voice?

Well, there’s no overnight fix to this one…

This all really comes with time and practice.

The good news: I do have the next best thing to an overnight fix 🙂

The quickest, most reliable way to do this is to simply write like you talk.  Avoid long-winded sentences.  Keep your copy crisp and tight.  And definitely avoid sounding too “academic.”

Focus more on a conversational, upbeat, and engaging style.

Also, make sure you clearly understand the message you want to be putting out there and how you want to show up.  Deliver your message clearly, and stand by what you say.  Don’t fill your copy with fluff and vague promises and ideas.

Don’t be afraid to “open up” and share stories about your own personal experiences.  As long as you tie your stories in with stuff that’s relevant, it can be an amazing way to have your audience relate to you more, and have them think “Hey, that sounds just like me!”

4. How do I get people to engage with my emails?

This is a GREAT question…

Afterall, nobody wants their copy to come across as boring, contrived, one-sided, or un-engaging.

To get people more likely to respond and interact, train them right from the beginning of your funnel by asking them to engage.

Tell them what they can expect, and let them know that you’ll be delivering value in every email.  Don’t be afraid to tell them that you may be selling something at times…

You can also ask them questions and have them reply to your emails, give out free “gifts” or discounts once in awhile, have them visit your social media page(s), and leave comments on videos and other kinds of juicy content you have floating around.

Also, make sure that every single one of your emails has at least one clear call to action.

5. How do I write in a way that connects with my audience?

If you try to talk to everyone, you’re talking to nobody.

It’s just as important to repel the people you don’t want, as it is to attract the people you do want.

A good way to mentally prepare yourself for this is to niche down and talk to a specific person.

Continue to thoroughly paint the picture of your ideal customer in your mind, and hold it there as you write your copy…

This will help you more naturally hold their interest and be more persuasive when it’s time for you to put pen to paper.

6. What kind of launch should I do?

There’s no single answer to this.

But, it all depends on your offer (how much it is), how well your subscribers know, like, and trust you, and what you’re comfortable with.

Do you have any lingering questions? Post them below and we’ll be sure to get them answered!