Have you been procrastinating on getting your email marketing up and running?

Are you afraid it’s going to be too time-consuming and complicated?

Let me ask you this: Are you comfortable leaving sales and lifelong customers behind?

…I’m guessing you said no. Here’s the deal with email marketing… yes, there’s a learning curve. And yes, it can take a bit of time to sit down and write the copy (unless you hire someone to do this for you!).

BUT. Once you get your initial campaigns written and set up, you’ll be building relationships, creating clients, and making sales on autopilot.

So it’s time to STOP procrastinating and make time for this game-changer in your business.

Below I’ve listed 4 badass benefits of using email marketing that you might be missing out on.

1. Your subscribers will be more likely to buy from you because you are top of mind.

The magic really happens when you create a connection with the people on your list.

You have the opportunity to serve them so well and develop a genuine relationship.  You can have them looking to you as their Trusted Advisor and Influencer as quickly as possible.  In the end, they become passionate, paying clients.

Research shows that if you follow up with new leads within five minutes (I recommend queuing up an automated email, unless you want to be chained to your computer), you’re NINE TIMES more likely to convert them [Source: Hubspot].

According to a DemandGen report, potential customers that you nurture with emails produce, on average, a 20% INCREASE in sales opportunities over those that don’t get nurtured.

Lastly, Forrester research suggests that businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales.

The takeaway?  You’re leaving a lot of money on the table when you’re not nurturing your email list with the right strategy after they opt in to your list.

2. You get to deliver value up front.

If you don’t know how to communicate properly while still being entertaining and effective… you’re toast.

And, if you don’t know how to communicate properly with your clients so that you create a know, like, trust relationship — where they trust you and see massive value in you and how you can help — you’re really toast.

I see so many clients get caught being afraid to give away valuable content for free.

That’s like being afraid to date before getting married.  It’s part of the process.  Ya gotta be okay with it.

The truth is, pretty much everything on the internet can be accessed for free today.  That’s why it’s so important to build a relationship with the person and deliver them valuable content upfront.

3. You own your email, don’t own your social media followers.

So many people focus on building (and spending money on) their social media presence.  I’m not talking Facebook Ads.  I’m talking about spending tons of money to get Likes or Follows.

There are benefits to that… but the thing is, these sites aren’t totally reliable when it comes to establishing your presence and creating a lasting connection.

For example, Facebook or Instagram can change their algorithm at any time… causing you to lose that presence you worked so hard (and paid so much money) to build.

However, with emails it’s much different.

You essentially “own” your own list.  You have the most control over it, and you can do whatever you want with it… as long as it’s ethical, of course.

4. It’s an intimate place to talk to them.  It’s the “hub.”

Let’s face it.  It’s tough to have an intimate conversation on social media.

People usually feel a little too vulnerable when trying to connect with you via an open conversation on Facebook or Instagram.


That’s where email is different.

It’s a place where you can talk to them, build a relationship, ask intimate questions, and so much more.

Plus, through email you can still direct them to your sales page, videos, blog, Facebook page, and all that other good stuff.  It’s a win-win!

I’ve literally had people open up their entire life story to me through email!

Do you see now how this is a MUST DO in your business? What’s the #1 thing holding you back from starting your own email marketing? Post it below!