Find Out If Your Copy Is Set Up To SELL With Authenticity & Integrity... Or If You're Leaving Sales Behind.

Anyone can “write copy” but it takes knowing the fundamentals to write copy that connects & converts.

This checklist will help you determine if your copy is set up to sell.

15 Headlines that Grab Readers

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A business that knows where it’s going is more likely to get there…

As the entrepreneur, it is your role to design what the future of your company looks like. To make it crystal clear so your team, shareholders, and clients can get on board to help you turn that vision into a reality.

If you’ve read Cameron Herold’s best-selling book, “Double, Double” or have listened to one of his award-winning talks, then you’ve discovered the importance of the Vivid Vision.

Our team’s goal is to help you create your Vivid Vision to make it pop off the page so it’s clear, concise, and paints the picture of what you want your company to look like three years from now.


Tired of spending time, money, and energy writing copy only to click and go live to see it fall flat? You’re not alone!

Walk Away From Our Conscious Copy In-Person Workshop With Your New Conscious Copy Style Guide In Hand So You (Or Your Team) Can Write Profitable Copy That Oozes With Your True Message And Personality And Gets Your Potential Clients To Take Action.

You’ll leave with:

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Conscious Copy & Co. are incredible copywriters.

“If you're looking for a road map so that you always nail your messaging or if you outscource your messaging they are able to dial in your voice, you need this workshop. It is foundational to your business success.”

JJ Virgin,

NYT Best Selling Author & Health Influencer
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Conscious Copy & Co. helps me build a strong relationship

“Conscious Copy & Co. helps me build a strong relationship and stay connected with my subscribers. With this taken care of, I’m able to focus on my strengths, helping CEO’s and COO’s rapidly scale their businesses.”

Cameron Herold,

Founder of COO Alliance
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Conscious Copy & Co. doesn't just write killer copy, they also get RESULTS

“They're super awesome to work with and they "get" how to work with high level entrepreneurs. I highly recommend hiring Conscious Copy & Co. to work with you long-term on your most important copy projects. When you need to get results and you want to hire a superstar copywriter, hire the Conscious Copy & Co. team."

Joe Polish,

Founder of Genius Network, President of Piranha Marketing, and Founder of Genius Recovery

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