“Whether you’re starting your Vivid Vision from scratch or you’ve taken a crack at it on your own… I highly recommend you hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help you take it across the finish line. They have helped me do 4 different Vivid Visions… and every time, I’m impressed with their ability to make the Vivid Vision pop off the page and really stand out. I send all of my clients to them because they are the best and really know how to work with the CEO/entrepreneur.
CAMERON HEROLD - Author of Vivid Vision
Founder of COO Alliance

We help Entrepreneurs & CEOs…

Clarify & crystalize

their vision

Write & design

their 3-year Vivid Vision®

Align & focus their team

around their Vivid Vision®


A Vivid Vision is a document developed by Cameron Herold, who wrote Vivid Vision: A Remarkable Tool For Aligning Your Business Around a Shared Vision of the Future. It creates a clear and detailed overview of what a business will look like, feel like, and act like in three years as if it’s already happened. It brings the future into the present, so you can clarify your company’s vision, communicate it effectively, and build momentum after you align your team with an exciting future to push towards.

SOME COMPANIES Who Have Trusted Us To Help Bring Their Vivid Vision To Life


Trusted Us To Help Bring

Their Vivid Vision To Life

Raj Lahoti

Raj Lahoti

CEO & Co-Founder of DMV.org

“Conscious Copy has their stuff together! They have a solid team who cares. And a solid process that produces results. Highly recommend. Very happy with the work product!”

Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold

Author of Vivid Vision and Founder of COO Alliance

“Whether you’re starting your Vivid Vision from scratch or you’ve taken a crack at it on your own… I highly recommend you hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help you take it across the finish line. They have helped me do 4 different Vivid Visions… and every time I’m impressed with their ability to make the Vivid Vision pop off the page and really stand out. I send all of my clients to them because they are the best and really know how to work with the CEO/entrepreneur.”

Read the vision
Alex Oxford

Alex Oxford

CEO of Tax Valet

“You’re a legend! This entire process has been incredible! I’ve already started rolling it out (thanks to your helpful tips).”

Read the vision
Shane Hohenstein

Shane Hohenstein

CEO of the Voyageur Group

“The whole Conscious Copy team was incredible to work with. The team was awesome. They always hit or exceeded deadlines and did an amazing job. I had put a lot of effort into my Vivid Vision but they really helped polish it and made sure that the words popped and made the biggest impact they could. I am grateful for their partnership and had a blast along the way.”

Larry English

Larry English

Former NFL Player

“You guys did an incredible job in bringing my vision to life!”

Shane Price

Shane Price

Founder and CEO of Green Circle Salons

 “The Conscious Copy team did an incredible job at listening, capturing, synthesizing and regurgitating (in a much better way than me) the ideas I was trying to convey. It's a real skill to stay focused on someone else's vision for multiple hours and both did a great job. Thank you for your curious questions and generous time.”

Tonya Turrell

Tonya Turrell

CIO of The Launchpad

“The Conscious Copy team was incredible to work with. Everyone went above and beyond to deliver a stellar product. I felt like everyone I worked with really got my vision and made it more clear than it was before. The Expander Session was a deep dive into all the things that I want to accomplish, and the questions helped crystallized my big vision. Then, the copywriter put that into words in the Vivid Vision document and just knocked it out of the park. The icing on the cake was seeing it come to life in the design. The designer definitely got our brand and put together a beautiful document that I can't wait to share with the world. I am more clear on where we are headed than I ever was, and now I can communicate that clarity of vision easily with our whole organization and get everyone in alignment with this vivid vision. Thank you so much!”

Summer Felix-Mulder

Summer Felix-Mulder

CEO and Founder of the Draw Shop

"Working with the Conscious Copy team on our Vivid Vision was such an exciting and fulfilling experience. Every step of the process allowed me to clarify exactly where we wanted to go as a company and why. My entire team has a clear vision of our purpose and their value and the value we bring to our clients. Not only does it keep us aligned in every aspect of our business, but it's so fun to share with our clients so that they can see what a fantastic team they have supporting them in their own endeavors. Every company should have a Vivid Vision!"

Read the vision
Karen & Bill Bayles

Karen & Bill Bayles

Founders Shop4Charity and Guudguuds

“Mic drop after Draft 1! I just want to say what a great job you did. We felt like you got it, and that was super exciting. Kudos for knocking it out of the park on the first go!”

Jessica Little

Jessica Little

Co-Owner of Sweet Grass Dairy

“Wow! We are so in love with this first version of the Vivid Vision. Seriously, you are incredible writers. I love it! Thank you so much for everything.”

Ricardo Brooks

Ricardo Brooks

COO at Allied

“Just want to convey my thanks for the work that you and the Conscious Copy team did to help us put our CEO’s Vivid Vision down on paper and make it so tangible that the entire team could appreciate it. We really appreciate your patience and especially your attitude in helping to bring it all together.”

Mary Shores

Mary Shores

Founder of Mary Shores Communications

“I had an absolutely great experience working with the team. They did an amazing job at bringing my vision to life and I am so grateful”

Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder of Just Thrive

“I’d heard about the Vivid Vision and I kept putting it off because I was busy being in the business. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I’d recommend to every entrepreneur that they do it sooner rather than later to put them on the right path. After just a few phone calls the Conscious Copy team took the vision in my head, put it on paper, and made it super clear and fun. Everything about the process was absolutely spectacular.”

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Founder of Bookkeepers.com

“Spot on with what our vision is. Great work!”

Chiara Allen

Chiara Allen

Founder of C2 Media

“One of the BEST things I’ve done for my business was working with a company to create a ‘Vivid Vision’… Thanks to Jennifer Hudye’s team for helping us put our goals forward!… It’s such an incredibly powerful tool and I’m really grateful to have worked with you guys on it!”

Read the vision
Uran Berisha

Uran Berisha

Founder of Unpain Clinic

“Conscious Copy was able to download my vision from my mind so I can share with my team and clients! Now, they all can see it, and know where we are going! The whole process was painless from any aspect and amazing in the end!”

Read the vision
Don Cooper

Don Cooper

CEO at Innovator Industrial Services

“Love it – TWO THUMBS UP”

Maya Fry

Maya Fry

Office Coordinator at Ann Vanderslice Retirement Planning Strategies

“This looks fantastic! Thank you so much for working with me on this. It looks great!”

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson

Director of Operations of Sweet Financial Services

“They are experts in what they do. Instead of asking “How do I create my Vivid Vision?” ask “Who can I hire to help me create my Vivid Vision?” The Conscious Copy team made the process so simple and are exceptional to work with. We couldn’t say enough great things about them!”

Justin Singletary

Justin Singletary

CEO & Founder of Fulfillment.com

“The team was excellent to work with! They were able to ask the deep-diving questions to really bring my vision to life. The design and presentation are perfect for our needs. I highly recommend Conscious Copy!”

Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole

Founder of Fans First Entertainment

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to work with Conscious Copy on this Vivid Vision project as it’s a completely new idea for our company. But they nailed it. From the first call to the final product, they delivered. This is a game-changing tool for our business, and Conscious Copy made it happen!”

Billy Gene

Billy Gene

CEO of BillyGeneIsMarketing.com

“[Jennifer Hudye] has this really cool process of bringing your vision to life. In your head you might be clear about your vision, yet there always seems to be this disconnect when talking to your team about it. One of the hard things with team members and getting people on board is that a lot of the times they don’t understand where they fit into that. That’s the mistake I was making, because it was never in writing. I called Jennifer and her team and spent 2 or 3 hours, literally got to hop on the phone and they asked me a series of questions and then they turned it into this [Vivid Vision]. I love saving time. You absolutely have to get your Vivid Vision done.”

Victoria Song

Victoria Song

Peak Performance Coach

“Jenn and her team are the VERY BEST at what they do. I loved going through the Vivid Vision process with them. The clarity I received doing it has resulted in my visions already coming true! I love the finished product and can’t wait to hang it up and watch it all unfold.”

Denice Gierach

Denice Gierach

Founder of Gierach Law Firm

“Conscious Copy did a great job of capturing what my vision is for my company and making it more vivid than I could imagine it myself. The copy was well written and the graphics and layout were very professional. I would recommend them to any business owner who is contemplating doing a Vivid Vision.”

Alex J Moscow

Alex J Moscow

Founder of Congruent Coach

“After creating my Vivid Vision with Conscious Copy & Co. I sent it to a potential team member that I really wanted to hire and asked her to read it before our interview. She was blown away by the Vivid Vision and said it was the reason why she wanted to work with our company. She’s still with me today and one of the most valuable team members. Conscious Copy & Co. knew how to extract my vision from my mind in a way that I couldn’t do on my own.”

Dr. Zac Watkins

Dr. Zac Watkins

Founder & Functional Medicine Doctor of Livewell Clinic

Paul Sjoberg

Paul Sjoberg

Founder of LeverageItNow.com

“I was struggling, looking for a fresh, unique way to convey my company’s future to employees and prospective employees. Conscious Copy & Co. came highly recommended, and now I know why. The Conscious Copy team was able to take my ideas and vision from my head and use their process to create an incredible Vivid Vision document. I am so happy with Leverage Information Technologies’ Vivid Vision document!!! What a fabulous experience, and I am so pleased with the finished product!!! 5 Stars!!!!!”

Kris Kaplan

Kris Kaplan

CEO of K2 Coaching

“Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Jennifer Hudye of Conscious Copy for helping to bring my 2020 Vivid Vision to life. It was super cool to come home from vacation and see this amazing canvas poster waiting for me that has the K2 core values on it. Very cool. If you would like to start making your business dreams come true, start by getting clarity on where it is you want to be.”

Read the vision
Dmitry Kozlov

Dmitry Kozlov

Co-Founder of Vision Tech Team and Maverick NEXT

“After months of struggling to finalize my Vivid Vision on my own, Conscious Copy made it easy, fast, and fun. The way Jenn pulled the vision out of me initially was an amazing process that brought me into the future with clarity, beyond what I could have possibly done with any other copywriter I could hire for this. I was thrilled to see it quickly come to life after that. I’ve always recommended doing a Vivid Vision for any serious entrepreneur—now I always recommend having Conscious Copy write their Vivid Vision.”


You want to scale up but get dragged into the “how” because the team can’t see the BIG picture.

Top team members leave to work at other companies, or great employees don’t choose to work with you.

You’re clear about the direction the company is headed but have a difficult time communicating it to those around you so they get it.

It’s challenging for your team to stay focused and aligned towards one North Star without getting distracted.

You’ve tried to write the Vivid Vision on your own but struggle to communicate and organize what’s in your head onto paper.

… We can help you clarify and communicate your
vision to the world so you can make it your reality, faster!

Vivid Vision History:

The Document That Helped This Company Grow To $100M, Be Featured On Oprah,
And Be Written Up In
The Harvard Business Review… All In Only 3 Years

No one else in your organization knows what the vision you hold in your head looks like unless you communicate it to them. 

Unfortunately, in a recent study we did after over four years of helping hundreds of business owners clarify their visions…

80% of businesses need help communicating their vision. 

A Vivid Vision document works by turning what’s in your head into a tangible document that’s easy to understand. 

In the book Vivid Vision, Cameron Herold share’s this analogy: 

Laying out a vision is kinda like building a house. You can have the best construction crew in the world, but if they’re not clear on what to build, who knows what will be constructed. 

A Vivid Vision works by clearly communicating where you’re headed so you can align anyone needed to get you there.

A mission statement focuses on what the organization does. It answers these questions: What do we do? Who do we serve? How do we serve them?

A vision statement focuses on what you want the company to become. The intention being to give the team clarity about where the business is headed. 

It’s supposed to inspire people who read it.

But as Cameron Herold shared in the book Vivid Vision:

“Vision statements tend to get written by getting a whole bunch of corporate people in a room pulling together the words that best describe their business. Then they create a one-sentence vision or mission statement for the company that no one cares about or reads ever again.”

A Vivid Vision is a document that differs from regular mission or vision statements by painting the picture of what your company will look like in the future as if it’s already happened, so anyone you share it with can literally see and feel the vision. 

You can use it to inspire your team, attract top talent, and get partners/vendors/customers enrolled in where you’re headed.

(You can see examples below.)

If your business needs to clearly communicate where you’re headed, then a Vivid Vision is right for your business. 

We’ve worked with solopreneurs to nine-figure companies, across dozens of industries. 

A Vivid Vision is right for you  even if you’re not clear of your vision yet!

Our expert Visioneers can work with you to clarify the vision you have for the direction of your company. 

(See the video on our process below for more details.)

The Vivid Vision

Is A Tool That Can Be Used

To Help You…

The most powerful recruiting tool: Put your Vivid Vision document on your job postings and simply say, “Read this before applying.” This will immediately set you apart from all your competitors.

Get the right people in the right seats: The Vivid Vision is the most powerful tool to get your internal team aligned on where the company is headed and where they see themselves in the equation so they get and stay motivated.

Show up as a confident leader: As the Founder or CEO, you are the one everyone is looking to for vision. You need to be crystal clear of where you are headed so you can lead your team with confidence. The Vivid Vision communicates what is in your mind, on paper.

Clarity when scaling up: Have confidence that the entire company is aligned on the vision before pivots and/or rapid growth so you grow with a solid foundation.

Get customers, vendors, and key partners on board: When you let your key  customers, partners, and vendors know where you are headed, they naturally want to support you in getting there.

And Several-Hundred Business Owners Agree: The Vivid Vision Is The Most Important Document Your Company Might Be Missing

Over the last four years we asked 450+ hundred businesses about the purpose, importance, and audience for their Vivid Vision when they decided to work with us. After studying the data for months, here’s what we found:

Here’s How We’ll Help Bring

Your Vivid Vision To Life

As the leader of your company, you have big ideas for the future. You see opportunities everywhere. The heights you can reach seem limitless, and the vision in your head crystal clear, but your team and others often don’t see that vision with the same level of clarity you do. It’s not that your team lacks the willingness to put in the effort to help make the vision a reality are people like your vendors, partners or clients don’t want to support you in making it happen. What they need is a tool that helps them to see what you see, so they can share in your enthusiasm and align and focus in on that grand glorious vision for the future and help to make it a reality. Watch this short video to see how the Vivid Vision Process works.

Vivid Vision Journeys

Vivid Vision

Who it’s for:

What you get:
What to do next:

Vivid Vision Retreat

Who it’s for:

For the Founder/CEO

What you get:

In this intimate and immersive 4-day live, in-person retreat, you’ll be guided through a proven process to help you clarify, crystalize, and write a draft of your own Vivid Vision for your business and life.

What to do next:

*Limited Availability*

Done-For-You Vivid Vision Document

Who it’s for:

For the Founder/CEO

What you get:

We help you communicate the vision in your head and turn it into a beautifully designed 5-6 page Vivid Vision document. We interview you, write, and design your 3-year vision so you can get your team, partners & clients aligned on where the company is headed.

What to do next:

*Limited Availability*

VIP Vivid Vision Package

Who it’s for:

For the Founder/CEO + Leadership Team

What you get:

We guide you & your leadership team through a custom process in person to help clarify your 3-year company vision, so everyone is aligned and clear. We’ll then take you through our Signature Vivid Vision Process to write & design your 3-year Vivid Vision document & show you how to roll it out to your team.

What to do next:

*VERY Limited Availability*

Discover Which Vivid Vision

Journey Is Right For You

Take this 2-minute quiz to discover where you should start based on your level of clarity of your vision and your unique goals down the road.

Vivid Vision Examples


The Vivid Vision document you hold in your hand should be so well designed that when you roll it out, anyone you share it with can imagine themselves in the future with you. The words should bring it to life. And that’s what our expert Vivid Vision team can help you do: we’re the only partners in Vivid Vision with Cameron Herold, and we’ve helped several hundred businesses from all over the world create compelling Vivid Vision documents that spark the flame of inspiration within anyone who’s aligned with creating the future of your company.

Check Out These Other
Vivid Vision Examples

How Our Vivid Vision

Journey Works

Schedule a free Vivid Vision Consult Call.

During this call, you’ll chat 1:1 with one of our Vivid Vision Strategists. We’ll discover what’s currently going on in your business and share some possible ways we can help you craft your Vivid Vision so you can make it your reality, faster.

The Vivid Vision
Mind Map™

From core values and culture to marketing and financials, you’ll start to map out what you want the 12 key areas of your company to look like 3 years into the future. We also provide a Vivid Vision mini-course to help you crystalize your core values and ensure you’re on the right track.

Vision Expander Session

During your Vision Expander Session, our Vivid Visioneers will interview you (the Founder/CEO) and dive deeper into what you want your company to look, feel & sound like, but we’ll talk about it as if you’ve already achieved it. We’ll help sort your ideas so you can simply show up and share.

Copy Creation

Our seasoned Vivid Vision Copywriters trained in the Vivid Vision Method™ will help craft your vision and make the words pop off the page. We provide 2 rounds of edits and a final polished version to make sure we captured exactly what you see in your mind.

Your Vivid
Vision Imagery

Once the copy is finalized, our Vivid Vision Design Team will breathe life into your vision with a beautiful, on-brand design. We’ll use photos and imagery that capture the images in your head so your team can see what you see.

Your Vivid Vision
Roll Out

The final product is a custom, 5-6 page Vivid Vision PDF that will get the emotions racing with excitement when you, your team, your customers, and your vendors read it. We’ll also schedule a Vivid Vision Rollout Session to make sure you’re clear and confident of best practices for rolling it out to your team so they can start to execute your vision.

Want to see

examples of the

Vivid Vision?

Take The Next Step

In Creating Your Vivid Vision:

Imagine how focused your team will be when they have a clear picture of what they’re aiming for, and where they fit into the big picture. A massive15-year study published in the Harvard Business Review even revealed that the first condition for a high-performance team was a clear and compelling vision. But the reality is that most leaders don’t know how to communicate it, and Cameron Herold said it best in his book Vivid Vision:

“It might be crystal clear to you… But everyone else is blind and deaf when it comes to stuff in your head. No one else in your organization knows with any certainty what it is you want to build. At best, they guess.” 

Don’t leave them guessing.

Not Quite Ready To

Work With Us?

Check Out Some Of These

Free Resources:

Vivid Vision Mind Map

The first step in the Vivid Vision creation process. With our Vivid Vision Mind Map you can get started quickly by following the same template we guide our clients through when helping them to clarify their vision.

Vivid Vision BLOG

Everything you need to get started on your Vivid Vision journey, all in one place, including PDF resource guides, templates to follow, mistakes to avoid, and what to do if you get stuck.

Vivid Vision Masterclass

The 6 key ingredients any business owner or CEO needs in order to clarify and communicate a compelling vision that inspires you, and those you need to align with where you’re headed, to push towards the same goal.

3 Traps To Avoid Now That You’re Ready To Create A Vivid Vision For Your Business

If you’re still reading, that means you’re super interested in creating a Vivid Vision (most people don’t read the whole page if they’re not heavily invested). And we’ve seen a few key areas where entrepreneurs tend to get stuck:

1. They Don’t Know Where To Start

If you don’t know where to start we’d suggest you book a consult. If you’re unclear about your vision, don’t want to write it yourself, or just want the best in the business to help you bring it to life right away, that’s what we’re here for!

Once you’ve scheduled your call, you can download the Vivid Vision Mind Map™ (if you haven’t already). Then, start sketching out your thoughts and ideas! Bring what you come up with to the call. If we feel like we can genuinely help you bring your vision to life, we can have that discussion. If not, we’ll let you know!

A bonus tip to help you get started is to focus on the area of your business that gets you most excited! Maybe that’s how sleek the offices are going to be, how your marketing will flow, or what your team culture will feel like. 

2. They’ve Tried It Themselves, But It’s Not As Clear Or Compelling

So many business owners and CEOs have trouble getting what’s in their head onto the page; the vision is clear to them, but when they sit down to write a Vivid Vision, either nothing comes out or it just doesn’t “pop.” 

In fact our own internal study revealed that 80% of businesses need help communicating their vision.

A useful way to get over this is to have someone else help pull the vision out of you. 

The Vivid Vision Expander Session™ our visioneers guides can guide you through will give you space to clarify and express your vision. Then our expert writers will make it emotionally compelling so anyone who reads lights up with excitement.

If you’re unclear of your vision, or what you write just isn’t doing it, don’t give up on your Vivid Vision: let us help. 

We’ll help turn what’s in your head into an inspiring description of your future, that the next question someone has when you share it them will be, “How can I help make this happen?”

3. They’ve Hired A Random Copywriter To Write Their Vivid Vision (Or Are Planning To), And It Didn’t Turn Out Well

This document will represent your business’ vision to the world.

And while some business owners think they can find a good deal on Upwork, or get a referral for a content writer from someone they know… 

Writers who don’t know how to write a Vivid Vision, or don’t know how to inspire people to take action, will probably miss the mark, and yours will end up sounding like just another piece of “content.”

When you write a Vivid Vision for your company, it’s incredibly valuable to have an expert walk you through the process.

Don’t leave something as important as your vision up to someone with no experience. Go with the experts.


The Founder/CEO is the one responsible for creating the vision. We do NOT recommend anyone else be involved in the creation process. The only time that more than one person will actually write the Vivid Vision is in the case of co-owners or the rare case of co-CEOs. In this case, we recommend that each of the three owners go offsite and complete their mind maps for each section of the business separately. Then they can come back and share their notes with each other, pulling all of their top independent rough ideas together and merging them into one rough document. After significant discussion and maybe even debate, they’ll end up with a rough draft that they all agree on fully.

You don’t want, and you don’t need a board of advisors, leadership team members, or employees crafting the Vivid Vision for the company. It just waters things down. AFTER your vision is created, the leadership team and employees get to figure out ‘how’ to make it come true. At the end of the day, as the Founder/CEO, you’re the one who is left with the business, whether or not it comes to fruition so it’s important that your vision is something YOU really love and not being diluted by others.

From start to finish, the average Vivid Vision takes between 6 and 8 weeks. We do everything on our end to ensure timely delivery. Here’s an estimated overview of the different phases for a full Vivid Vision, dependent upon booking your Expander Session and timely feedback from you:

  • Copy Draft 1 delivered to you 7 business days after Expander Session 
  • Copy Draft 1 feedback due from you 3 business days after delivery
  • Copy Draft 2 delivered to you 7 business days after feedback received 
  • Copy Draft 2 feedback due from you 3 days after delivery
  • Copy Final delivered to you 5 business days after feedback received 
  • Copy Final approved by you 3 days after delivery
  • Design Draft 1 delivered to you 7 business days after Copy Final approved by you
  • Design Draft 1 feedback due from you 3 days after delivery
  • Design Draft 2 for client delivery 5 business days after feedback received
  • Design Final Final client delivery 5 business days after feedback received

Nobody can implement your vision like you can. If your competitors are so focused on your vision, then they’re going to get distracted from their own business.

Don’t worry about your competitors looking at your Vivid Vision. Elon Musk talks about his vision for Tesla all the time… nobody can touch his vision because it’s his.

Your first step is to print out your Vivid Vision Mind Map, which you can download for free here. Next, go to a space outside of your office, preferably in nature or somewhere that’s very visually appealing. This will help your creativity and innovation to be released. Make bulleted notes of what you can envision each different area of your company looking like three years from now… as if it’s already happened. From there, hire a Vivid Vision expert copywriter to help you turn your bullets into clear, concise, powerful words that POP off the page.

When you sign up for a partial or full Vivid Vision, our Vivid Visioneers will interview you (the Founder or CEO) on your three-year vision during your Expander Session. We’ll dig deep to help you get crystal clear about what you want each area of your company to look, feel, and sound like—but we’ll talk about it as if you’ve already achieved it. We’ll help you sort your thoughts so you can simply show up and share.

Plan a meeting to get together with your team. Make sure that you print off a copy for every single person. Read it out loud.

Get each one of your team members to circle the parts that get them really excited. If some of your team members don’t circle anything, or they don’t believe in it, let them know that now is the time to quit.

Your Vivid Vision needs to be polarizing. You need to make sure that you’re bringing the right people on in order to execute your vision.

You should be reading it at least once a quarter with your team, shareholders, and clients.

As for yourself, you should be reviewing it at least once a month. A powerful way to implement this is to create an audio recording of it, and then listen to it at least once a week to constantly remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

Absolutely.  Book your complimentary Vision Clarity Call and our team member will share examples with you on your call.


Below to get started.

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Download Your Free Copy of The Vivid Vision Mindmap™

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