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Here’s how we can help you translate that idea in your mind
to a message that creates a movement…

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Limited Seats - Application Only.

For the brilliant entrepreneur / business owner who wants to sell more online but your message and copy isn’t converting.

If you have a strong track record of happy clients and a unique process or product that genuinely works and now you’re ready to press the gas pedal on your marketing so you can grow your business, the Conscious Copy Workshop is for you.

Discover how to confidently write cash-converting copy without being pushy.

“Copy is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. If you take what
you learn at this workshop you will financially benefit.”
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Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network
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On-Demand Online Courses

Want to create messages that inspire the right people to take action? Need to write that sales page for your new product… like yesterday? Want to communicate your vision so it pops off the page?

Jump into one of our on-demand courses immediately so you can launch in no time and never stare at a blank document again, wondering how you’re going to say what you want to say.

“I’d get writer’s block the minute I started thinking I needed to write an email. I
would put it off all day long. This process will manifest the end result: You’ll be
able to plug and play and duplicate yourself over and over again through your
message. This is a way to get your time back.”
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Trina Felber
CEO of Primal Life Organics

Connect & Convert


6-Month Program.

Imagine having a skilled copywriter personally review your marketing copy before you make that next sales page, email sequence, or video series go “live” so you have confidence that it is set up to convert from the start.

“I got enough of my ideal clients that I was able to turn a $100 FB ad
into $25,000 from clients, and that’s awesome!”
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Dr. Deborah Matthews
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The most powerful way to attract top talent and ideal customers, align your current team, and show up as a confident leader within your company.

Imagine if you could attract top talent, align your current team, and get key clients, vendors, and partners excited to jump in and support YOUR vision… now imagine you could do that with just a single document.

Make your company’s future a place you want to visit with a Vivid Vision.

“Every time I’m impressed with their ability to make the Vivid Vision pop off
the page and really stand out. I send all of my clients to them because they are
the best and really know how to work with the CEO/entrepreneur.”
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Cameron Herold
Founder of COO Alliance & Author of Vivid Vision



Messaging Strategy Intensive With Expert
Copywriter & Marketer Jennifer Hudye.

This is for you if you’re looking for the accelerated path and 1-on-1 attention to grow and scale your business.

Whether you want to gain clarity on your vision and how to communicate it to the world or need help with strategy on your next big marketing campaign, Jennifer will create a tailored experience for you and your business so you walk away with clarity and an action plan.

“Jennifer helped us reengineer and uplevel our marketing for our new
launch. We did 2 weeks’ worth of work in 6 hours! We’re going to 8 figures
and Jennifer is the one to take us there.”
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Sage Lavine
Women Rocking Business