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We Are Relationship Marketers

Relationship Marketing

/rıˈleıʃ(ə)nʃıp ˈmɑːkıtıŋ/
Our definition...
The creation of an authentic bond with prospects and clients so they know, like, and trust you and WANT to do business with you.

What Clients Are Saying...

If content is king, then Jennifer and her Conscious Copy & Co. are Queen! Jennifer brought our email list up to a whole other level of engagement that not only got our subscribers talking more, but doing more. Oh, and she also got us higher open rates, conversions, and responses. Matt & Case |
Conscious Copy helps me build a strong relationship and stay connected with my subscribers. With this taken care of, I'm able to focus on my strengths, helping CEO's and COO's rapidly scale their businesses. Cameron Herold |
Jennifer/Conscious Copy & Co. are the ultimate auto-responder ninjas and my secret weapon. I knew that having a powerful autoresponder was important, but once I dialed into my messaging and copy my funnel sky-rocketed.
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi |

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