The Conscious Copy
Messaging Workshop:

A messaging & copywriting workshop for vision-driven entrepreneurs who want to craft a message that stands out and inspires people to take action

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March 11th - 12th, 2021

Live Virtual Workshop


What Others Are Saying
About The Workshop:

It is foundational to your business success.

“If you’re looking for a roadmap so that you always nail your messaging or if you outsource your messaging they are able to dial in your voice- you need this workshop.”
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— JJ Virgin
NYT Bestselling Author & Health Influencer

Copy is time-management marketing.

Copy is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. If you take what you learn at this workshop you will financially benefit .
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— Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

If You’re A Vision-Driven Entrepreneur/Business Owner Who…

Knows that you have a really important message to share with the world, but struggles to clearly communicate it in your marketing

Has proven products/services that you want to get into the hands of the people you can genuinely help

Wants people to read your stuff and feel excited to learn how they can work with you vs. feeling like they’re being convinced

Doesn’t know how to craft copy that gets the right people to open, click, and buy

Wants to sell more of your stuff online without coming across as pushy or needy

Then, you’re invited to….


A 2-day virtual messaging & copywriting workshop for vision-driven entrepreneurs who want to craft a message that stands out and inspires people to take action

Walk away from this workshop with a message
that clearly answers these five simple questions:

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Who are you?

Number Two Icon

Who do you help?

Number Three Icon

How do you help them?

Number Four Icon

Why do you do what you do?

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What makes you different?

Once you can answer these questions consistently, you’ll know how to inspire the right people to take action from your marketing message.

March 11th - 12th, 2021


When You Attend The Virtual Workshop You’ll Discover How To:

Generate more consistent sales online through your sales pages, landing pages, social media posts, and emails.

Get quality leads showing up to your sales calls excited and ready to buy

Craft messaging that instantly bonds with the people in your market and communicates how you can help in just a few words.

Increase the click-through rates in your emails so more ideal clients take action on your offers and thank you for it.

Attract high level clients you’d love to work with through your message so you don’t waste time with unqualified and challenging people.

Build authority and credibility in your industry so you’re the person people invite to speak on their stages and podcasts.

Infuse your personality and truth into your copy and marketing so you know how to share the message you really want the world to hear.

Launch your marketing campaigns faster so you can sell more online.

Results From Business Owners Who Attended
Past Conscious Copy Workshops

I sold out 110% of my workshop using what I learned at the workshop.

“I sold out 110% of my workshop using what I learned at this workshop. I love how easy and authentic my writing is and how what they (the workshop attendees) read before they got to the workshop made them realize I could really help them.”
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— Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge
Founder & Director of Dr. Roseann and Associates

 As a result we did an additional $50,000 that week. This stuff really works!

“I took what I learned at the workshop and updated some copy on a page that was already live. The conversions went from 60 to over 400 within a couple of days...with the only change being the copy. As a result we did an additional $50,000 that week. This stuff really works!
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— Don Cooper
Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over salesy or pushy.

“Because of the workshop I have confidence in my own intuition and can now see how there is a way to do sales, marketing, and copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over salesy or pushy.”
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— Dr. Heidi Hanna
Founder and CEO of Synergy

Honestly if you did it and it didn’t pay off fivefold I would be shocked.

“Going to this workshop has been THE needle-mover in my business. It’s for anyone whose business can be helped by more effective copy (which is to say all of us). I can easily say I’ve landed a handful of 5-figure clients as a result of what I learned in just a few days. Honestly if you did it and it didn’t pay off fivefold I would be shocked.”
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— Anna David
NYT Best-Selling Author of 8 books & Founder of LaunchPad Publishing

The tools I got from this workshop empowered me.

“The workshop isn’t just about finding your message. It’s about finding your purpose and empowering your customers to step into theirs. I came to the workshop because I thought I wanted to become a better writer and speak to my dream customers better. The tools I got from this workshop empowered me to say, it’s not about me, it’s about my customer and how I can serve her to step into her purpose and ultimately build the business of her dreams.”
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— Jasmine Star
Photographer & Business Strategist

Copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over salesy or pushy.

“Jennifer is amazing. She is wise beyond her years. Even though she’s teaching us copywriting, I got so much clarity on the bigger mission of my company and what I personally want for myself as an entrepreneur. The team at Conscious Copy is incredible. They create an amazing event experience that you’re going to walk out with so much done in person, and a clear blueprint of what you need to do.
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— Alex Dunks
Online Wellness Business Owner

The Conscious Copy Messaging Workshop Is A Perfect Fit If You:

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Are an entrepreneur/business owner making a minimum of $250K/year in revenue

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Have a proven product/service that gets your clients great results

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Genuinely help people with your offers (and aren’t JUST doing it for the money)

Number Four Icon

Are committed to growth and willing to play the long game with your marketing

Number Five Icon

Feel like you have all of the ingredients for your message and marketing… but want the proven recipe.

Some of our past participants are in the
following industries/areas:

  • Online Training / Programs
  • Coaching/ Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Health/ Wellness
  • Brick & Mortar Clinics
  • Wealth Management
  • Industrial Consulting
  • Agency Owners
  • And More!

The Conscious Copy Fundamentals you will learn at this workshop are
applicable for different types of industries.

Have Team Members You Want To Bring?

One of the biggest problems business owners face with their copy is the amount of TIME it takes.

They want to delegate it out but aren’t confident their team or a contractor can communicate their message the right way. 

That’s why we’ve designed the workshops to be team-oriented, so you can bring along a team member and feel confident that they can write profitable copy that expresses your business’ unique values and personality once you hone in on your message.

Walk Away With Clarity On How To Communicate Your Marketing Message So It Stands Out.

Because...Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Message.
The World Needs It.

What We’re Going To Cover During The
2 Days Together.

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Day 1: Create A Message That Stands Out

You can’t truly help people if you don’t know how to get their attention in the first place.

There’s a lot of noise with companies competing for the human attention span which is now less than a goldfish.

You’ll discover how to create a message that makes your ideal clients want to share it FOR YOU.

We’ll cover:

  • The 4-part framework that mega-brands like Apple used to completely transform their brand message and how you can use the exact same method to create a message worth remembering.
  • How to write stories that sell your products and services in different ways to weave them throughout your marketing.
  • The 6-point test to help ensure you only attract dream clients through your copy.
  • The Compelling Offer Communicator and how to get those clients to take action now (in a non-aggressive way).
  • How to craft copy and content that builds a relationship with your audience so that you can start selling on social media.
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Day 2: Write Copy That Converts

Copy is kinda like thousands…even millions… of little salespeople selling your product and service for you.

You will get The Tools, Frameworks, And Copywriting Tips We’ve Used To Help Some Of The Biggest Names In Online Marketing Share Their Message

We’ll cover:

  • 15 Attention-Grabbing Headline Templates to attract in high level clients.
  • The 3-step formula for writing benefit statements that’ll change the way you communicate in your business forever. 
  • Copywriting formulas, templates, and plug-n-play versions of our most profitable headlines, so all you have to do is pour your information into them (no more worrying about “where to start” or “what to say”)
  • 5 copy mistakes to avoid and how to write like ya’ talk instead and infuse more of “you” in your copy
  • Create original copy using custom writing prompts so you never have to start by staring at a blank page again. This will help you (or your team) slice your writing time in half and transition into your sales offer in a “non-salesy” way.

PLUS, Get Real Time Feedback From Me And My
Team Of Expert Copywriters

(For VIP Only)

This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll craft your marketing message and sales copy on the spot. 

For VIP attendees only, my team of expert copywriters and I will be there to give you live real-time feedback on your copy and message and guide you through the process. 

We’ll be there to support you, one-on-one, as you write your copy.

Our Goal: For you to walk away with LESS on your “TO DO LIST” than when you arrived. 

You’ll Also Get Lifetime Access To The Workshop Recordings AND A Private Q&A With Jennifer Hudye!

(VIP Only)

March 11th - 12th, 2021

General Admission

Live 2-Day Virtual Workshop ($1,997 Value)

Messaging Playbook Templates & Worksheets ($997 Value)

Total Value: $2,994

Your Investment: 


VIP Ticket

Everything Included In Regular ($2,994 Value)

Exclusive Breakout Rooms With Conscious Copywriters ($997 Value)

Lifetime Access To Workshop Recordings ($1,497 Value)

Private Q&A With Jennifer Hudye ($497 Value)

Total Value: $5,985

Your Investment: 


Less than 7 seats available!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Risk free or your money back


Head Trainer

-Jennifer Hudye

Entrepreneur. Copywriter. Marketer.
CEO of Conscious Copy & Co.

Jennifer has written copy that has been taken action by tens of millions of people and her clients include household names like Strategic Coach, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Cameron Herold, Sally Hogshead, JJ Virgin, and many others. She’s spoken on some of the biggest stages in digital marketing including Traffic & Conversion, War Room, and Digital Agency Summit alongside people like Gary Vee, Bo Eason, Mary Morrissey, Lewis Howes, and Russell Brunson. Many refer to Jennifer as the modern-day muse for entrepreneurial leaders, helping them get clear of the vision and message they are here to share so they can motivate people to action. 


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March 11th - 12th, 2021

Day 1: 9am - 6pm PST / 12pm - 9pm EST

Day 2: 9am - 6pm PST / 12pm - 9pm EST

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Risk free or your money back

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Backed By The Conscious Copy Commitment 100% Money-Back Guarantee Here’s our promise.

If at any time during the first day of the virtual workshop you do not feel like it is worthwhile, you can just let one of our team members know, and we will give you a full refund.

No hard feelings. No awkwardness.

We are confident it works, and will work for you, too.

Business Owners Sharing About
The Conscious Copy Workshop

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A Personal Note From Jennifer

What I do is what I believe and what I believe is that ultimate freedom comes when we are truthful to ourselves.

The ultimate entrepreneurial freedom is when we are able to express our truth through our messaging (copy) and our marketing so we can attract our ideal clients and create a business we really love and genuinely helps people.

This is what I’ve based my entire business on. When I first started, I knew almost no one and scaled up to become the go-to copywriting agency in six months’ time—writing copy for some of the biggest names & companies.

As a result my team and I have moved millions of people to take action from the copy we’ve written and say “YES” to themselves while also helping our clients generate tens of millions of dollars in the process.

I’m going to share the strategies and tools we used to help some of the biggest names in the industry. Will you join us?



You do not need prior experience. If you have it, perfect, you will still get SO MUCH out of the process and implementation.

We will only accept a maximum of 30 people at this event so you can get ample 1-on-1 attention from me and my team.

Up to one partner or team member can attend for a discounted rate.

If you cannot make the date but are still very interested, contact us at and write us note that you cannot attend the date.

We will extend a way for you to continue to work with us, if that’s something that interests you. There will be no “pitching” or “hard selling” at this event.

If you have additional questions – feel free to reach out to We would love to assist you!

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