Discover This New Truth-Based Marketing Approach To Effectively Communicate Your Message Online So You Can Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients And Become The Go-To Expert In Your Niche

The PRIME Effect™ Messaging Workshop

A 2-Day Live Execution Workshop For Successful Coaches, Consultants, and Experts So You Can Communicate Your Unique Message Online, Create An Automated Marketing Machine To Attract Your Ideal Clients, & Become The “Go To” In Your Niche.

November 15th & 16th, 2018 | San Diego, CA


Does This Ring True?

You’ve been successful in getting referrals and 1-to-1 word-of-mouth connections but you’ve plateaued, and you know that your next step is to really master your message online.
Your marketing can best be described as “sporadic” and “inconsistent.” You kick off the month feeling like you’re starting from scratch and have to reach out to potential clients.
You’re confused about how to create your unique message so it feels congruent and authentic to you but also communicates in the language of the clients you really want to serve.

Are You Ready To…

  • Take that unique message that’s inside of you that can help so many people and organize it so you feel confident amplifying it out online to the world in a BIG way?
  • Get prospects on the phone who are already pre qualified & pre motivated and ready to by your high-end products/programs...on autopilot through an automated marketing machine?
  • Know the “hot buttons” of how to communicate with your ideal clients and feel confident guiding them to your product/service offerings?

Then It’s Time To Make A Bigger Impact With Your Message… You Just Need The Right System To Help You Communicate It

Unlike most, you aren’t in the coaching and consulting world make a quick buck. You’re here to make a serious ROI (Ripple of Impact). To share your knowledge and expertise you learned the hard way in building your business, failing daily, and picking yourself back up to do it again each day.

While others often describe you as successful…and your surroundings show it, you know you’re playing small and that there’s a bigger game waiting for you. You want to make a difference. You want your message to spread in a much bigger way. But you can’t communicate that message online.

That means now, more than ever, you need clarity on how to communicate your unique marketing message to your ideal clients online so you can scale your business and make a bigger impact.

How To Attract Only The Most Qualified Leads, Build Massive Authority, And Become The #1 Expert In Your Niche Using The PRIME Effect™

You’re already aware you need to build a know, like, trust relationship with your ideal clients. You know that because you’ve built those relationships with current and past clients.

But when you go to scale, and build your presence online, something’s… off.

Your message doesn’t connect, and you’re not having the same impact you see other experts in your niche making.

Today I’d like to share with you the exact process Conscious Copy & Co. has developed to help experts like these communicate their message:

Joe Polish

Joe Polish

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi

Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan Training

Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold

Meet Your Strategist

Jennifer is one of the most sought-after email copywriters in the online marketing space, writing copy for 6- and 7-figure campaigns.

The top information marketers and influencers in the world, including: Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Eben Pagan Training, Dan Sullivan, Brendon Burchard, Cameron Herold, Bedros Keuilian, Sally Hogshead, and many others, hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help them build out their messaging strategy and craft results-driven copy that converts cold leads into a tribe for life.

Jennifer has also spoken on stages alongside Lewis Howes, Russell Brunson, Russ Ruffino, Keith Yackey, Chris Record, and many others. Many refer to her as the modern day muse for entrepreneurial leaders, helping them get clear of the message that they need to amplify out into the world.

Her step-by-step process will pull your unique marketing message out of you so you can attract your ideal clients and pull in an abundance of goodwill, money, time, and freedom.

Jennifer R. Hudye

Direct Response Marketer/Copywriter & Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.

Meet Your Guest Strategist:

Alex Moscow

From jail cell to integrity based sales expert, Alex transitioned into the coaching space at just 21 helping Ted McGrath build a multi-million dollar coaching and seminar organization, from the ground up, in just four years.

Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry having personally led over 2,152 enrollment conversations and helping influencers all over the world collectively sell 8-figures+, Alex teaches his clients how to sell with truth instead of tactics, and build businesses that fuel them, so they can live as the most authentic, expressed version of themselves.

The PRIME Effect™

The online marketing space is changing. It doesn’t matter how good you are unless it’s perceived by others how good you are. You can be the best in the world at what you do, but if you don’t market yourself properly… others in your space will claim that #1 spot.

But when you correctly position yourself through copy and marketing you can be very good, highly paid, and the “go to” in your space.

The PRIME Effect™ takes communication principles that were only ever used by big brands, celebrities, and gurus, and puts them at your disposal so you can grow

your tribe, spread your message, help more people, and get paid to do it all.

And it’s all centered around Truth-Based Marketing.

When you use The PRIME Effect™ to create a message that’s congruent to your values, authentic to how you want to change the world, and coming from a place of higher purpose—rather than just wanting to make the sale—you will stand out even more.

Because as we like to say, the truth sells.

It’s time to use The PRIME Effect™ to “crack the code” on your message.

Join Us At The PRIME Effect™ Messaging Workshop

*Only 20 Spots Available*


Do You Qualify?

(The requirements if you’d like to be considered…)

  • You currently have a coaching/consulting business that generates a minimum of $100,000 in annual revenue.

    This is best for entrepreneurs who have a successful track record and know they can help people, but are stuck on how to really communicate their message in a powerful way.

  • Your product or service genuinely helps people.

    What we have is powerful beyond measure, so it’s crucial that it’s in the hands of the right people. No “biz-op” or “get rich quick schemes” here.

  • You have a clear product or service to sell.

    This process is most effective for entrepreneurs who already have a successfully tested product or service. If you are still in ideation mode or haven’t tested your new product or service, this isn't for you.

  • You are willing to do the work and are in this to make it work.

    We are not here to pretend that marketing is “easy” or “simple.” If you want to create a successful sales campaign that converts your ideal clients and customers, it requires work and testing. We’re here to shave off the steep learning curve so you can get it right, faster.

  • You are an action taker and like to make shit happen.

    We like working with people like us who are results oriented and can roll up their sleeves to build the system. This isn’t a passive “event” or “seminar.” It’s a workshop where you will accomplish more in 3 days than you probably would in 60 days on your own.

This Is Not Your Average “Take Lots Of Notes & Go Home Overwhelmed With Everything You Have To Implement” Event.

Here’s Our Promise To You:

By the end of this workshop you will walk away with…

More clarity around your message that you’re here to share, and how to differentiate yourself and your brand from everyone else in your space

A reverse-engineered funnel strategy for how to communicate and attract your ideal clients online

Confidence in your ability to communicate your message to your prospects and ideal clients in a way that feels congruent to the level impact you know you’re here to make

This is the process used to generate millions of leads and tens of millions of dollars for online businesses in the following niches:

Personal Development

Business Development

Thought Leadership

Coaches, Experts, and Consultants

Industry Experts

Here's Just A Few Of Our Gamechanger Clients...

Play Video

Pete Vargas

Founder of Advance Your Reach

Play Video
Alex Jeffreys

Founder of Coaching With You and Marketing With You

Play Video

Dr. Zac  Watkins

Founder of The Livewell Clinic

Join Us For The PRIME Effect™ Messaging Workshop

How To Communicate Your Marketing Message Online So You Become The “Go To” In Your Niche

*Only 20 Spots Available*

November 15th: 9am-6pm

November 16th: 9am-6pm

Breakfast and Lunch will be included.

Registration starts at 8:30am on November 15th and we will begin at 9am SHARP.

Plan on having dinner and networking with the other game changer attendees in the evenings.


San Diego, CA (fly into San Diego International Airport)

We recommend flying in Wednesday evening and flying out Saturday morning to make the most out of the Workshop.

*We will send more details for accommodations, activities, etc. if your application is accepted*

Join Us For The PRIME Effect™ Messaging Workshop

*Only 20 Spots Available*

Upcoming Dates:

November 15-16, 2018, San Diego, CA

February 21-22, 2019, San Diego, CA

April 18-19, 2019, San Diego, CA

June 20-21, 2019, San Diego, CA

August 15-16, 2019, San Diego, CA

Backed By The Conscious Copy Commitment 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s our promise.

If at anytime during the first day of the Live workshop you do not feel like this is worthwhile of your time, you can go to one of our team members, hand in your books, and we will give you a full refund (plus $500 to compensate your time and travel), and then you can walk out of the room.

No hard feelings. No awkwardness.

We are confident it works, and will work for you, too (if you qualify and get accepted to attend).

Join Us For The PRIME Effect™ Messaging Workshop

*Only 20 Spots Available*


Some Frequently Asked Questions…

You do not need prior experience. If you have it, perfect, you will still get SO MUCH out of the process and implementation.

If you scroll above to the “Do You Qualify” section, you will see the requirements. It’s best for entrepreneurs in the personal/business development, coaches, experts, thought leader space, as that’s what we’ve both had a lot of experience with. You clearly have a solid track record for what you’re serving people with.

We will only accept a maximum of 20 people at this event so you can get ample 1-on-1 attention from me and my team.

No, this will not be recorded or available anywhere outside of the live workshop.

Up to one partner or team member can attend for a discounted rate.

If you cannot make the date but are still very interested, go ahead and fill out the application and make a note that you cannot attend that date. We will put you on the list to let you know of future events.

We will extend a way for you to continue to work with us, if that’s something that interests you. There will be no “pitching” or “hard selling” at this event.

Only 20 Seats Available, So Claim Your Spot Today!

What You’ll Walk Away With…

  • YOUR authentic message so you can cut through the noise and communicate with your prospective clients in a way that creates an instant bond with them
  • Find the perfect words to describe what you do in a way that moves people to want to do business with you not just because you have what they need, but because you understand them and care about who they are (and it’s obvious in your marketing)
  • The exact system to pull your unique and powerful message out of you so you can tell your story with clarity and confidence
  • A well-thought-through, step-by-step action plan so you can reduce overwhelm, work smarter, and leverage your time
  • The power to make the decisions that will take your business forward without guesswork or playing into the hands of those who want to sell you the latest shiny objects

The PRIME Effect™
Messaging Workshop

*Only 20 Spots Available*