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“Whether you’re starting your Vivid Vision®  from scratch or you’ve taken a crack at it on your own… I highly recommend you hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help you take it across the finish line. They have helped me do 4 different Vivid Visions… and every time I’m impressed with their ability to make the Vivid Vision pop off the page and really stand out. I send all of my clients to them because they are the best and really know how to work with the CEO/entrepreneur.”

Cameron Herold

Founder of COO Alliance & Author of Vivid Vision®

Here's How You Can Take The Vision In Your Head And Turn It Into A Powerful Document That Will Help You...

Clients We’ve Helped:

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Step 1:

The Vivid Vision Mind Map

From your company’s core values and culture to marketing and financials, we’ll guide you through the 12 key areas of your company by mapping out what you want it to look like.

Step 2:

Expand Your Vision

Our Vivid Visioneers will interview you (the Founder or CEO) on your three year vision. We’ll dig deep to help you get crystal clear about what you want each area of your company to look, feel, and sound like—but we’ll talk about it as if you’ve already achieved it. We’ll help you sort your thoughts so you can simply show up and share.

Step 3:

Copy Creation

Our team of seasoned Vivid Vision copywriters will help craft your vision and make the words pop off the page. We make the vision clear, powerful, and exciting, so your team, clients, partners, etc. get inspired to help you make it happen.

Step 4:

Your Vivid Vision IMAGERY

After the copy is complete, our Vivid Vision Design Team will breathe life into your vision with a beautiful, on-brand design, putting powerful images to the words for your personalized Vivid Vision.

Step 5:


The final product is a custom, 5-6 page Vivid Vision document. It will get your emotions racing with excitement when you, your team, your customers, and your vendors read it. We’ll also show you best practices on rolling out your Vivid Vision in your organization plus how you can infuse it and begin to execute on it.

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Conscious Copy & Co. has this really cool process of bringing your vision to life. In your head you might be clear about your vision, yet there always seems to be this disconnect when talking to your team about it. One of the hard things with team members and getting people on board is that a lot of the times they don’t understand where they fit into that. That’s the mistake I was making, because it was never in writing. I called Jennifer and her team asked me a series of questions and then they turned it into a Vivid Vision. I love saving time. You absolutely have to get your Vivid Vision done.

Billy Gene

CEO of

I’d heard about the Vivid Vision and I kept putting it off because I was busy being in the business. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I’d recommend to every entrepreneur that they do it sooner rather than later to put them on the right path. After just a few phone calls the Conscious Copy team took the vision in my head, put it on paper, and made it super clear and fun. Everything about the process was absolutely spectacular.

Tina Anderson

CEO and Co-Founder of Just Thrive

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