Discover How You Can Delegate Your Strategy & Copy To The Experts

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You are making big moves in your business and you know what you need to do, but your copy is the biggest bottleneck... because it takes so much time, and you can't implement as quick as you'd like because you have too much to write.
  • Feel like your copywriter is just trying to "hit it and quit it"? They hand you the copy, ask for money, and then are out like a knight riding off on his horse into the dark. They don't stick with you to test it or to make sure it converts. They don't offer to make tweaks and adjustments if something isn't working.
  • You have a REALLY powerful message you want to share, but DON'T know how to get it out on paper. You sit at your computer and everything that you type just doesn't sound as good as what's going on in that creative brain of yours.
  • You are an incredible speaker, coach, or consultant... you can motivate, clearly articulate, inspire, get people to take action, and have them hanging on every last word... but as soon as you sit down to write it's like all of that has been stripped from you. You don't know how to bring that energy, personality, and magic that you do so well 1-on-1 onto the page.
  • Maybe you are a good writer, but just don't have the time to sit down and write an entire autoresponder campaign, weekly emails to your list, or a converting webinar funnel that doesn't sound stiff and salesy, connects to your audience, and sells.
  • You're tired of working with copywriters who miss deadlines, disappear out of nowhere, or are inconsistent with their work, causing you to constantly have to redo the copy to meet your standards.

If So...We’re So Happy You’re Here!


… having a team of high-end copywriters that will take on the heavy lifting of writing all your copy so you can get more done…faster.

… a copywriting team that does more than just take orders, but instead makes sure they understand your entire business structure so that all your copy aligns with your voice, your brand, and your marketing.

… a copywriting team that understands your vision and goes above and beyond to help you achieve it.

… having a team to help you test, tweak, and optimize your copy so that you increase conversions and are able to scale your marketing campaigns…faster.

… being able to strategize with high-level marketers that help 7, 8, and even 9-figure companies build out their funnel strategy.

At Conscious Copy & Co., we are more than just copywriters and marketers.

We are a team on a mission to help the top entrepreneurial leaders help more customers through converting copy that connects.

Why Top Influencers Love Conscious Copy & Co.

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Conscious Copy & Co. are incredible copywriters.

“Conscious Copy & Co. are incredible copywriters. They know how to capture your story to keep people engaged.”

Dean Graziosi,

NYT Best Selling Author,

Why Choose Conscious Copy & Co...
Not The Other Guys Or One-Off Contractors?


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We aren’t about the “hit it & quit it.”

Most copywriters will write your 4-part email campaign and then jet. They aren’t committed to making sure that your copy converts. If you’ve worked with copywriters in the past, you also may have had the oh-so-common experience of copywriters being offended if you didn’t like something they wrote. At Conscious Copy & Co, we are dedicated to your copy converting, which is why we stick with you to help optimize the copy once the results start rolling in. We put our ego aside, and our #1 goal is to help you grow your business.

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We have a dedicated team to help you.

Most copywriters are a one-man-show. So you’re relying on that copywriter to edit their own work and brainstorm the strategy on their own, which can be very limiting and increase the chances of error. When we work together, our whole team gets on board to make sure that we are there to help make your project a success. You will only have one point of contact, the Lead Project Manager. They will communicate anything you need/want with the Lead Copywriter on your project.

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We are experienced marketers first, copywriters second.

You may have the best copy in the world, but if it isn’t in alignment with your audience or isn’t congruent with your funnel flow - there’s a good chance it won’t work. We look at the big picture of the marketing plan FIRST, before diving into the copy.

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We GET the online "expert" thought leader world.

We’ve written thousands of emails for different expert niches for our clients, so we understand how to identify the pain points, desires, and aspirations better than most. Plus our team is dedicated to staying up to date on all the latest online marketing strategies by attending all the industry events so that our clients can stay relevant to the changing times.

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Fast response times & project turnaround times.

It’s important for us to communicate with our clients so that we can get clear of your deadlines and turnaround times. We get it - being a creative and entrepreneur, ideas change and launches sometimes pivot. That’s why we’re here to help you execute on it.

Why Top Influencers Love Conscious Copy & Co.

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Conscious Copy & Co. doesn’t just write killer copy—they also gets RESULTS.

They “get” how to work with high level entrepreneurs. I highly recommend hiring Conscious Copy to work with you long-term on your most important copy projects.

Joe Polish,

Founder of Genius Network, President of Piranha Marketing, and Founder of Genius Recovery

How To Work With Us So You Can Delegate Your Copy

We are not for everyone…but if this resonates, we may be a match made in heaven.

  • You’re not just looking for help with a one-off project...but instead are looking for ongoing copywriting help for your business.
  • You understand the importance of building your email list and the power of investing in copy to help grow your business.
  • It’s important for you to build an authentic relationship with your audience.
  • You have a marketing budget each month of at least $5,000.
  • You resonate and feel aligned with our Values aka “The Code”
  • You’re not looking for a silver-bullet solution, but instead are willing to work with us to continue to optimize the copy and campaigns.

Still Intrigued? Cool, There’s Two Ways To Work With Us

On a Project-By-Project Basis or our Signature Monthly Services.

Option 1:

Project-By-Project Basis

Each one of our projects include the following...

  • Uncover Your Message:

    We’ll tap into your unique messaging, your niche audience, and your hook/ angle for your offer, and make sure that the strategy leads and guides your audience to your offer.

  • Create Connected & Converted Copy:

    Our skilled set of copywriters will craft your emails like a work of art, not only to make sure they sound like you, but also to ensure the copy sells.

  • Optimize Your Funnel:

    We assist your team in optimizing your copy to convert. We live and breathe marketing and email copy. Think of us as part of your extended team, always there to help. We know that this is only one piece of the puzzle, and our #1 goal is to see you succeed. We offer 3 rounds of optimization for each project created.

Each Project Ranges In Investment, But Here Are Some Examples:

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Webinar Email Funnel

Conscious Copy Loud Speaker Icon

Nurture Campaign

Conscious Copy Magnifying Glass Icon

Sales Pages

Conscious Copy Image Icon

Book Launch

Why Top Influencers Love Conscious Copy & Co.​

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Conscious Copy & Co. helps me build a strong relationship

“Conscious Copy & Co. helps me build a strong relationship and stay connected with my subscribers. With this taken care of, I’m able to focus on my strengths, helping CEO’s and COO’s rapidly scale their businesses.”

Cameron Herold,

Founder of COO Alliance

Option 2:

Your Copy Team: Monthly

This is our signature offering where you delegate your copy to our rockstar copy team. Imagine us as another leg of your business to help ensure your message gets out to the world and brings in the right clients and customers to deliver them an exceptional experience.

  • Messaging & Marketing Consulting

    Marketing Strategy Call Each Month: Our team gets on board with your vision and goals and our Expert Consultants reverse engineer what needs to happen from a marketing and copy standpoint to get to where you want to go.

  • Expert Copy Creation

    The Game Plan: Once we’re clear of your goals, our team creates a copy calendar outlining what copy needs to be created when so everyone is on the same page and we can meet deadlines.

    Copy Creation: One of our high-level copywriters will utilize this time to write your copy each month (in addition to our other services provided).

    Copy Editing: You aren’t just getting one copywriter, our whole team gets on board to create the hook, angle, and positioning of the copy so you are getting different perspectives and ideas, increasing the chances to convert. Once the copy is written, one of our professional editors will edit all copy.

  • Optimization

    Track and optimize your copy to convert. The only way we’re going to know what’s working and what’s not working is by tracking your metrics...don’t worry, we guide you through the “how,” including open rates, click rates, conversions, etc. on an ongoing basis. From there we’ll optimize and revamp your copy with the goal of increasing your sales.

Your Part Time Copywriter

  • 30-Min Strategy Call Each Month to help you get clarity of what copy needs to be created next.
  • 1 Hour Of Optimization Each Month so we make sure your copy is converting and driving results.
  • 20% Discount On Any Additional Projects so you can do that webinar campaign or book launch that’s been on your mind.

Your Part Time CMO & Part Time Copywriter

  • 1-Hour Strategy Call Each Month so you can get clear and confident of what funnels to launch & message you want to share.
  • 2 Hours Of Optimization Each Month so we make sure your copy is converting and driving results.
  • 25% Discount On Any Additional Projects so you can do that webinar campaign or book launch that’s been on your mind.

Your Full Time Marketing & Copy Team

  • Two 1-Hour Strategy Calls Each Month so you can get clear and confident of what funnels to launch & message you want to share and have a sounding board for your positioning.
  • 2 Hours Of Optimization Each Month so we make sure your copy is converting and driving results.
  • 25% Discount On Any Additional Projects so you can do that webinar campaign or book launch that’s been on your mind.

See For Yourself The Magic That Happens...

The Conscious Copy & Co​ Process

Here’s The Process You Can Expect When We Work Together

step 1

Messaging & Marketing Consulting

We’ll kick off with a Standout Influencer Onboarding Call where your only role is to show up as YOU and bring your wisdom along with you. We’ll dive into your message, who your ideal client is, and what your offer is to make sure that the strategy is congruent all the way through.

Conscious Copy Pyramid
step 2

The Copy Creation

From there, our Conscious Copywriters will get to work on crafting your connective and compelling copy. You’ll have a couple chances to review the copy and provide feedback by going through our Conscious Copy Scorecard™.

step 3

The Results Review

We don’t leave you on your own once the copy is written. Nope, not here. We stick with you all the way through to help test the strategy and copy and provide optimization revisions so we can increase conversions and impact.

Here Is A Video Of Our Process & How We Helped Our Client 4X Their Investment With Us In 2 Weeks: