Sales Setter

Are you a savvy, motivated, and driven person who loves supporting entrepreneurs in getting their ideas out into the world?

If so, you’ll want to read on!

Conscious Copy & Co. is now hiring for a Sales Setter.  

We help vision-driven entrepreneurs communicate their message through the power of the written word.

We’re growing fast and are expanding our sales team to reach and help more entrepreneurs and business owners. 

That’s where you come in!

Position Summary:

Sales Setter. Sales Development Rep (SDR). Lead Development Rep. There are many names for this role, but the outcome is the same: to generate interest, applications, and appointments for a company’s sales.  

The purpose of this role is to proactively reach out to our generated leads so you can create interest, applications, appointments, and sales calls for Conscious Copy & Co.’s service and product offerings in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

As a Sales Setter, you will focus on outbound outreach strategies in a pre-sales role, generating and qualifying leads by making outbound calls, judging interest, and moving qualified prospects to discovery calls. The primary goal is to increase the number of booked sales call appointments with a consistent and scalable system.  

This position offers the opportunity to grow in a sales environment and potentially take sales calls in the future. 

If you’re someone who:

  • Is results-oriented
  • Has a proven successful Sales Setter record
  • Is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Wants to share what you know and learn what you don’t
  • Doesn’t settle for good but strives for great

Then this position is for you!


  1. Outbound dialing to identify, prospect, develop and qualify leads to be handed off to the Enrollment Manager, to maintain or exceed Conscious Copy & Co.’s close rate of 33%+.
  2. Nurture leads by following-up with leads from various sources including the website, opt-ins, webinar attendees, client referrals, webinar/event registrants, social media, and leads within our existing database so that Conscious Copy & Co. achieves their monthly and yearly revenue target.
  3. Effectively manage, maintain, and track a pipeline of leads and all outreaches via phone, email, and text message within Conscious Copy & Co.’s CRM and sales reporting.

**It’s important that you have experience with these Outcomes/Responsibilities.  Please do not apply if you haven’t done any of them.**

What you’ll be doing:

Day to day, you will be checking your dashboard to see who needs to be reached out to, whether that be a new lead, existing contact, or an outbound contact.  You will set the stage and provide additional information and education to the lead so they get to a place of wanting to book an appointment with an Enrollment Specialist. In essence, you will ensure people are pre-qualified, pre-motivated, and ready to buy by the time the prospect is on the phone with the Enrollment Manager.  

As part of this opportunity, you’ll be part of a fast-moving company with startup energy but an obsession with building systems and processes around everything, so the company is a well-oiled machine. 2022 is a big year, and we’re continuing to leverage our unique blend of talent, clients, dreams, and the aspiration to connect brands with people.

This is for you if you are:

  1. A Clear Communicator – You have strong communication skills and can have challenging conversations with kindness, compassion, and respect for others.
  2. Well-Organized – You thrive by organizing the complex and are always looking for more efficient and effective ways to do tasks without sacrificing quality.    
  3. Results-Oriented –  You can take an idea all the way to execution with excellence and not only meet but exceed KPI’s/expectations.
  4. Energetic and Enthusiastic – You love collaborating and working with others and are excited to grow a company that makes an impact.
  5. Tech-Savvy – You’re savvy with online databases and software including Infusionsoft by Keap, Asana, Slack, Google Drive, etc. 
  6. Aligned Action – You’re the opposite of “That’s not my job” and take the initiative. You are committed to helping the team and company reach its goals.
  7. Full Ownership – You are a self-motivated self-starter who can maintain and nurture your pipeline, stay on top of your administrative items, take initiative, and live on the solution side of situations, all while achieving your KPI’s.

You also have these skill sets: 

  • Attention to detail
  • Efficient
  • Integrity with commitments
  • Fast response times
  • Proactive
  • Persistence
  • Honest
  • Hustle
  • Hunger
  • Emotional intelligence

Disqualifiers: Please DO NOT apply for this position if you…

  • Have not successfully done what is laid out in this application’s “Outcomes/ Responsibilities” section in a past role.
  • You didn’t think, “That’s so me!” when reading the “This is for you” and “You also have these skill sets” sections.
  • Aren’t willing/open to receive constructive feedback. 
  • Have no interest in helping entrepreneurs. 
  • Do not consider yourself one of the most motivated and driven people you know. 

If you don’t resonate with the above disqualifiers, and your friends and family can back you up on that, keep reading—we may just be a match! 🙂

Ideal If You Have A Backgound In:

  • Outbound calling, email, and texting external, prospective clients
  • Generating leads via social media
  • Marketing/Sales Strategy

Do You Qualify?

At Conscious Copy & Co., we believe in positive momentum over scattered motion. That’s why we’re looking for the right candidate who has the perfect combination of being driven by purpose and fueled by passion, previous experience in a role like this, and is open to being coached to their next level of growth. 

MBAs, GPAs, and degrees aren’t what we’re looking for over here, although if you have them, that’s great! What matters more is that your heart is in it, and you have a track record of getting shit done! 

That being said, feel free to apply even if you don’t check all the boxes below. Just make sure to mention that in your application and explain why we should consider you. 


  • You have 2+ years experience as a Sales Setter.
  • You’re savvy with online databases and software including Infusionsoft, Asana, Slack, Google Suite, Zoom, etc.
  • You love entrepreneurs/small-medium businesses, and it’s your passion to help them succeed.
  • Demonstrates resilience and the aptitude to drive results.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.
  • Strong client focus.
  • Demonstrates the ability to make multiple phone calls a day and has the courage to speak with cold or warm leads.
  • Ability to plan and align work with quota goals and broader company goals.


  • You have worked for an online service/training company.
  • You enjoy systems, processes, and organization.
  • You’re Humble, Hungry, and Smart (Article <<HERE>>).

Other Requirements In Role:

  • Available to work company hours 9am – 6pm PST, 5 days a week (Hours are flexible)
  • Available to work as a Contractor (this is not a full-time employee position)

The Pay

Base Fee Per Month = $2,000/month
+ 3% of sales that you set as appointments

Work remotely: Save $5K/year in commuting costs and 100+ hrs each year (aka 2 ½ extra weeks vacation time).

About Conscious Copy & Co.

Conscious Copy & Co. is the top copywriting company in the online business world that helps vision-driven entrepreneurs craft messages that inspire people to take action. We’re a small-but-mighty, purpose-driven team of 14 from all over the U.S. and Europe. We’re a team of marketers, copywriters, and creatives who help entrepreneurs connect with their vision and their message and infuse it into their business and marketing.

See Where We're Headed:

This is a snapshot of where our company is headed over the next 3 years. Parts of this have become a reality, and other parts we are in the process of creating… that’s where you come in. To bring this Vivid Vision to life, it takes the right people. That’s why the role you are applying for is so important.

So please read this Vivid Vision before you continue.  By the end, if you aren’t totally fired up to be part of making this a reality, it’s in your best interest and ours that you don’t apply.  But if you’re stoked and are already thinking, “This is my dream!”…keep reading on! 


Our Core Values aren’t just cool sayings... we commit to LIVE them each and every day:

Hold the Vision Icon

We believe in Expansive Growth. We hold the vision, not the circumstance.

Compassionate Icon

We believe in Compassionate Honesty: We communicate with compassion and respect for others.

Align Icon

We believe in Aligned Action: We grow with positive and focussed momentum.

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We believe in Full Ownership: We live on the solution side of situations.

Generate Joy Icon

We believe in Fun & Joy: We generate fun and joy on the journey.

Why Conscious Copy & Co. & Why Now?

  • Pivotal Time: We are in a pivotal and exciting time in our company. We are leaders in our industry and have a track record of working with the top entrepreneurs in the online business space. We’re looking for a Sales Setter who is hungry and excited to grow and scale a company to turn our three-Year Vivid Vision into reality.
  • Flexible & Creative: We have a creative and flexible work environment. We believe in failing fast and living on the solution side of situations. If you know you thrive collaborating in-person but also want flexibility with location/time, we are the perfect dual-work environment.
    • You get the best of both worlds by having the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home with flexibility.
  • Committed To Your Growth: We are committed to our team members’ growth as humans and in business, so they develop into the best version of themselves. Many of our team members have grown and developed into advanced positions within the company, so there is the possibility to be promoted if you are a fast learner who delivers results.
  • A-Players: For the past 4 years, our team members have rated our Team & Culture as their favorite reason for working here. We have a team of high-performers who are committed to excellence while having fun doing it!
    • Each year, we have retreats where we fly to a fun city in the U.S. to celebrate our wins, plan the next quarter, and work on each team member’s personal and professional goals.
    • What the team says about working at Conscious Copy & Co.:
  • Industry Leaders: Our founder, Jennifer Hudye, speaks on some of the top stages in the industry including Genius Network Annual Event, Traffic & Conversion Summit, and Digital Agency Expo. Jennifer co-led what was described as “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Panel” at the Genius Network Annual Event in 2019 with legendary copywriters. Our clients include household names like Strategic Coach, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Bulletproof Coffee, Brendon Burchard, Sally Hogshead, Cameron Herold, and many other top entrepreneurs in the online business space.
    • You’ll get to connect with and help some of the top entrepreneurs in the world get their message out in an even BIGGER way.

How To Apply

Fill out the application below (all fields required).

**You must fill out the application below to be considered for the position. Resumes separate from this application will not be considered.** 

We’ll be accepting applicants until December 19, 2021 at 11:59pm PST. Submit your application as soon as possible. 

Have further questions? Email us at support@consciouscopy.co