Are you a savvy, motivated, and driven person who loves turning a great idea into an actionable process that can be deployed?

If so, you’ll want to watch the video and read on!

Conscious Copy & Co. is now hiring for an Operations Manager.  

We are a copywriting agency & training company that helps entrepreneurs who deliver a powerful product, experience, or service that positively impacts humans and the world. Yet their marketing, messaging, and copy doesn’t reflect the magic that actually happens when they help their clients. We help them craft copy that connects and converts through our agency, workshops, and training programs so they are able to help more people.  

We are growing fast and are developing workshops and trainings to reach and help more entrepreneurs and business owners.  That’s where you come in!

Position Summary:

The purpose of this role is to create, build, deploy, and optimize all the standard operating procedures at Conscious Copy & Co., thus directly improving the experience and results our clients get when working with us.

You will have three primary roles:

  1. Continue to build out the SOP’s & key metrics within the company
  2. Hire, train, and manage team members
  3. Be the lead on our biggest projects and events to help turn them into reality

NOTE: This position is full-time. We are currently virtual, meaning our team works all over the United States and Europe. We will ask that you be open to traveling to San Diego, CA once every 1-2 months for our core team meetings.  

What you’ll be doing…

Day to day you’ll oversee our internal marketing projects, making sure all the moving pieces are on track and completed with excellence. You’ll also assist the CEO in hiring new team members and will be the primary trainer when they come on board. You’ll monitor our capacity for new projects and forecast our ability to take on new clients and new team members.

Our internal systems and processes are ever-changing as we are constantly discovering more efficient ways to create our final products and services. You’ll be creating new processes and refining the old as we learn what works and what doesn’t work for our team and our clients.

You’ll also have the opportunity to attend our high-end workshops where we support our clients in a fun, intimate way, as well as attend high-caliber events that we sponsor and/or speak at where you’ll be involved in planning.

As part of this opportunity you’ll be part of a fast-moving company with startup energy but an obsession with building systems and processes around everything so the company is a well-oiled machine. 2019 is a big year, and we’re continuing to roll out our training line (more on this below!).


  1. Build SOP’s & Key Metrics: Develop and deploy SOP’s & KPI’s throughout the entire company that are driven towards our Vivid Vision. Create systems so we can track progress every month/week/day depending on goals.
  2. Hire & Train “A Players”: Hire, train, and manage “A player” team members that are committed to our Vivid Vision. Forecast upcoming hires and create system to attract prospects.
  3. Amazing Client Experience: Develop a smooth, simple, and consistent prospect/client experience that is documented and deployed. The goal: Have our prospects & clients be our #1 fans and want to refer us to everyone because of how they are treated.
  4. Project Management: Manage all high-level projects (sponsorships, events, workshops, speaking engagements, etc) and create SOP’s around them so they can be tracked & repeated.
  5. Roll Out Content & Marketing Strategy: Help roll out our content & marketing strategy with team so that online traffic is one of our #1 lead sources in 2019. This includes: paid advertisements, podcasts, blog articles, etc.

**It’s important that you have experience with these Outcomes/Responsibilities.  Please do not apply if you haven’t done any of them.**


This is for you if you’re…

  1. Well-Organized – You thrive by organizing the complex and are always looking for more efficient and effective ways to do tasks without sacrificing quality.  (Ideal Kolbe Score – 7743)
  2. Results-Oriented –  You are able to take an idea all the way to execution with excellence… and build out the systems and processes along the way. You build things with the end in mind.
  3. Energetic & Enthusiastic – You love collaborating and working with others and are excited to grow a company that makes an impact.  
  4. Tech-Savvy – You’re savvy with online databases and software including Infusionsoft, Asana, Slack, Google, Trello, etc.
  5. Leadership – You have experience managing a team of 10-30 people and are great with people (bonus if you’ve done this with a virtual team).
  6. [Ideal Fit] – Has been part of a team that has grown from $1M-$5M+ while you were in the operations position.  

 Disqualifiers: Please DO NOT apply for this position if you…

  • Have not successfully done what is laid out in the Outcomes/Responsibilities section of this application in a past role.
  • Cannot commit to traveling to workshops (4-5 days X 5x per year) and events (2-3 days X 3x per year).
  • Aren’t willing/open to receive constructive feedback.
  • Have no interest in the online marketing and the personal/business development industry.
  • Do not consider yourself one of the most motivated, organized, and driven people you know.  

If you don’t resonate with the above disqualifiers and your friends and family can back you up on that, keep reading, we may just be a match! 🙂


Ideal If You Have A Background In:

  • Online Publishing
  • Working at a Marketing Agency
  • Working at a Training Company
  • Joint Venture/Affiliate World
  • Leadership Coach/Consultant
  • Marketing/Sales Strategy

Do You Qualify?

At Conscious Copy & Co. we believe in positive momentum over scattered motion. That’s why we’re looking for the right candidate who has the perfect combination of being driven by purpose and fueled by passion, a past experience in a role like this, and is open to being coached to their next level of growth.

MBA’s, GPA’s, and degrees aren’t what we’re looking for over here, although if you have them, that’s great! What matters more is that your heart is in it and you have a track record of getting shit done!

That being said, feel free to apply even if you don’t check all the boxes below. Just make sure to mention that in your application and explain why we should consider you.   


  • You have managed a team of 10-15 people and have experience hiring and onboarding new team members.
  • You’re savvy with online databases and software including Infusionsoft, Asana, Slack, Google, Trello, etc.
  • You have 2+ years experience in an Operations role.


  • You have managed a team of 10-30 people and have been part of a company that’s grown from $1M to $5M+ while you were with them.
  • You have worked for an online service/training company.
  • You have 5+ years experience in Operations role.

Other Requirements In Role:

  • Available to work 8am to 6pm PST, 5 Days A Week (Hours are flexible)
  • Available to attend sponsorship events throughout the year, our Conscious Copy Workshops, and other industry-leading events.

The Pay

Salary: $60,000-$72,000 / year depending on experience and skillset

Work remotely if you choose: save $5K/year in commuting costs and 100+ hrs each year (aka 2 ½ extra weeks vacation time)

Work from office if you choose: Work from beautiful La Jolla, CA coworking office to get out of the house and connect with the rest of the core team for fun work and play activities (workout classes, BBQ’s, personal development trainings, etc) *Starting August 2019* THIS IS OPTIONAL

Participation in company profit share

Participation in quarterly bonuses when we hit goals/metrics.

About Conscious Copy & Co.

Conscious Copy & Co. is the top copywriting agency & training company for service-based entrepreneurs, founded in 2016 by Jennifer Hudye. We help our clients make sure that if they were only remembered for their marketing, it accurately represents them, their company, and the message they’re here to share, while gaining more clients and customers through digital marketing.

We are comprised of a small-but-mighty, purpose-driven team of 10 from all over the U.S. and Europe.  

Read one of the most IMPORTANT documents in our company, our Vivid Vision, to see where we’re headed over the next 3 Years. Click the image below:

See Where We're Headed:

Vivid Vision Conscious Copy

If you have goosebumps after reading our Vivid Vision, because you’re so fired up, read on. If not, it’s probably in our best interest to close the browser window now and slowly back away… 😉

Conscious Copy Image

Our team retreat in Scottsdale, AZ. 

About the Team.  Click Here >>>

Our Core Values aren't just cool sayings... we commit to LIVE them each and every day:

The Code

At Conscious Copy & Co., we live and breathe by our core values. These values govern how we operate all areas of our business.
Conscious Copy Bar Graph Icon

Conscious Growth

Driven by purpose, fueled by passion. We focus on what we want, why we want it, and where we’re going while always maintaining excellence to get it.

Conscious Copy Check Icon

Authentic Transparency

The truth sells. We communicate and build relationships from a place of honesty and integrity.

Conscious Copy Compassionate Icon

Compassionate Honesty

Strong back, open heart. We are compassionate and respectful of others’ feelings and emotions while always honoring our truth.

Conscious Copy Group of Three People Icon

Evolved Leadership

Lead with head and heart. We hold ourselves accountable and take ownership for what we each produce.

Conscious Copy Gear Head Icon

Knowledge Seekers

Live on the solution side of problems. We see every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Conscious Copy Image Icon

Aligned Action

Positive momentum over scattered motion. We align first, set goals second, and then take action to pave the path to the future.

Conscious Copy Smiley Icon

Purposeful Partnerships

Relationships over transactions. We have built a Unique Ability ecosystem where everyone thrives.

Why Conscious Copy & Co. & Why Now?

  • Pivotal Time: We are in a pivotal and exciting time in our company. We are leaders in our industry and have a track record of working with the top experts and thought leaders in the online business space. We are growing the training leg of our business and need the right person who is hungry and excited to grow and scale a company to turn our 3-Year Vivid Vision into reality.
    • You will be collaborating and working side-by-side with our founder Jennifer Hudye to develop the training and workshop leg of our business.  
  • Flexible & Creative: We have a creative and flexible work environment. We believe in failing fast and living on the solution side of problems. If you know you thrive collaborating in person but also want flexibility with location/time we are the perfect dual-work-environment.  
    • You get the best of both worlds by having the opportunity to work from home while also coming into an office 1-2x/week to collaborate with the leadership team.
  • Committed To Your Growth: We are committed to our team members’ growth as humans and in business so you develop into the best version of yourself.  
    • We’re constantly investing in training & growth for our team members through courses, trainings, conferences, workshops, etc. We have $40,000 worth of training and continued education for our team members when they join.
    • Many of our team members have grown and developed into advanced positions within the company… so there is the possibility to be promoted if you are a fast learner who delivers results.
  • A Players: For the past 3 years, our Team & Culture has been rated our team members’ favorite reason for working here. We have a team of high-performers who are committed to excellence while having fun doing it!
    • We have 1-2 team retreats per year where we fly to a fun city in the US for a 3-5 day company retreat where we celebrate the wins, plan the next quarter, and work on each team members’ personal and professional goals.
  • Leaders In Industry:  Our founder speaks on some of the top stages in the industry including Genius Network Annual Event, Traffic & Conversions, War Room, Collective Genius, Billy Gene Is Marketing, and others. Our clients included Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Dan Sullivan, Sally Hogshead, Cameron Herold, Dean Graziosi, Allison Maslan, Mindshare, Bedros Keuilian, and many of the top experts and thought leaders in the online business space.
    • You’ll get to connect with and help some of the top entrepreneurs in the world get their message out in an even BIGGER way.


Additional Information:

Conscious Copy & Co Blog >>


How To Apply

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*You must fill out the application below to be considered for the position. Resumes separate from this application will not be considered.

We’ll be accepting applicants until February 15, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. Submit your application as soon as possible and be sure to apply before then.

Have further questions? Email us at support@consciouscopy.co