The Team Alignment Hub: A Collection Of The Top Top Strategies On How To Create Team Alignment Around A Shared Vision Of Your Business

We’re very excited to bring you our Team Alignment Hub: A collection of the best strategies for creating team alignment around a shared vision of your business.

It covers almost everything you need to know about aligning teams of any size, from standalone departments to cross-functional collaborators, with the vision of where you want your company to go.

All in one place!

You can check out the hub for yourself here:

This valuable leadership resource contains tons of images, graphics, visuals, charts, and templates that you can use, along with valuable insights we’ve gathered from the 400+ businesses Conscious Copy & Co. has helped over the past four years.

Here’s What’s Included

The team alignment hub is broken down into 9 sections:

  • Team Alignment Fundamentals – What does it mean for a team to be aligned? We’ll cover how to create team alignment for different types of teams within an organization using The Team Alignment Triad, made up of your vision, your talent, and your structure.

  • Functional Team Alignment – The most widely used type of team is one that’s structured functionally, and we’ll go over everything you need to know about aligning its members.

  • Cross-Functional Team Alignment – How to align your cross-functional team, and motivate your departments to collaborate.

  • Self-Managed Team Alignment – These teams are fully autonomous, with no top-down supervision. This means they must have strong alignment with the company’s goals, vision, and their objectives.

  • Leadership Team Alignment – The more aligned your leadership, the more aligned your organization will be. We’ll go over alignment best practices from industry experts so you can push towards your company vision.

  • Remote & Virtual Team Alignment – Discover what’s working right now in 2022 when it comes to leading, managing, and aligning your remote or hybrid teams.

  • Leadership Strategies To Motivate & Inspire Team Members – COMING SOON!

  • How To Retain Talent – COMING SOON!

  • Aligning Your Team With Long Term Company Goals – COMING SOON!