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The 6-Month Incubator Designed To Help You Create Winning Sales Messages In Half The Time So You Can Help More Of The People You Were Meant To Help

Get Personalized Messaging

& Copywriting Support so You

can launch With Confidence

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If You…

…Feel overwhelmed every time you sit down to write that email, landing page, or webinar wondering where to start

…Are the biggest bottleneck preventing your products, services, and programs from getting launched because all of your half-baked copy and marketing are sitting inside your Google Drive

…Think your message makes sense to you… but nobody else

…Question yourself every time you get ready to click send on that email wondering if there’s anything else you could do to make sure it’s set up to convert

…Believe your messaging and copy sound great in your head… but as soon as you sit down to write you get writer’s block

…Don’t want to go at it alone anymore and want an extra set of eyes on your messaging / copy

…Feel like you’re sitting on a gold mine and you’re ready to mine

…Really want and are ready to share your message in a bigger way

Now, Imagine You….

…Sit down with confidence and write a kick-ass sales piece (that actually sounds like you) for your newest product/launch/promo.

…Launch your online marketing campaigns with confidence in half the time knowing that they’re set up right from the start.

…Consistently attract more of your ideal clients from your website, emails, social media, webinars, and more.

…See record numbers on your next launch.

…Sell more of your products and services online without having to set up lengthy sales calls or feel like you’re being pushy or salesy.

…Craft marketing messages in your voice that feel like an act of service vs a sales pitch.

If you’re ready to communicate your message in a bigger
way and inspire people to take action…

I invite you to apply for…

The Connect & Convert Incubator

The Connect & Convert Incubator is designed to support entrepreneurs, business owners, and their teams craft powerful messages that inspire action.

I sold out 110% of my workshop using what I learned at the workshop.

“We are so busy because of the changes we made through what I learned in The Incubator. Our call conversion rates have gone from 29.5% to 46% (and we get a ton of calls so our conversion rates should decrease as you get busier). Jennifer and her team gave me actionable steps that I immediately implemented and saw a HUGE difference from Day 1. I can’t say how instrumental this was for helping me get my message out. It has allowed me to help so many more kids and families.”

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Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Founder & Director of Dr. Roseann and Associates

As a result we did an additional $50,000 that week. This stuff really works!

“I took what I learned and updated some copy on a page that was already live. The conversions went from 60 to over 400 within a couple of days… with the only change being the copy. As a result we did an additional $50,000 the first week. This stuff really works! Also having my team trained has been a game-changer and freed up so much more of my time so I can spend it with my family.”

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Don Cooper

Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Why We Created the

Connect &



Most marketing masterminds, coaching groups, and consultants offer really great ideas… but very few support in the execution of those ideas.

You and I both know that the real results come in taking action… and the biggest bottleneck that holds up great marketing is the copy.

So The Connect & Convert Incubator is designed to help you take those million-dollar ideas and turn them into million-dollar execution by giving you the support you need to create clear, compelling messaging and copy that inspires the right people to open, click, and buy.

The Incubator Consists Of

3 Main Pillars:


Copy Outlines, Templates,
Swipe Files

It can be overwhelming and frustrating when you have an important project on your plate, with the deadline creeping up, yet you keep procrastinating because you’re stuck on where to begin. So, you’re left with the blank, white page staring back at you.

We provide you with proven and repeatable plug-and-play copy templates that will help you get a head start on writing copy in days rather than weeks or months so you can grow faster.

We’re always adding the newest campaigns, and some
of our current templates include:


Copy Review Sessions /
Critique Calls

Got a burning question before you click “launch” on your next email campaign? Want an extra set of eyes on your sales page before it goes to design? Or a final review on that webinar script?

Our Copy Coaches here at Conscious Copy & Co. have written copy for some of the biggest internet marketing campaigns and for some of our past clients, including Joe Polish, Cameron Herold, Sonia Choquette, Dan Sullivan, Chalene Johnson, and more. Our coaches will personally review your copy before you make that next sales page, email sequence, or video series go “live.”

It’s always important to have an extra set of eyes on your marketing to scout out blind spots before you test—we will review your copy 1:1 so you can hit “publish” feeling confident your copy is set up to convert.


Clear Execution Plan

Overwhelmed by trying to figure out if you should craft that nurture email campaign, webinar, or summit launch copy first?

We’re going to help you map out your 3-month messaging/copy game plan in the Connect & Convert Incubator to help guide you on where to focus first so you can start getting results like:

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Plus… if you’re the entrepreneur/business owner

and are already feeling "capped" for time…

You do not need to be the one with all the answers… whether it’s training, reviewing, editing, or coaching your team while simultaneously trying to run your company.

We’ll help train your team on how to create winning copy so you can reclaim your time.

What Some Of Our Incubator

Clients Are Saying!

I followed the system and did my first live webinar.

“Having the Copy Critique Calls was so helpful. Over 100 people registered and 50 people showed up. So far I’ve done 10 sales @ $5K for a new course I haven’t even created yet.”

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Amanda Goolsby

Aligned Success

We sold out our first-ever high-ticket event (36 seats @ $3,000 each).

“Thank you so much for the amazing guidance throughout our Copy Critiques and your incredible advice throughout the entire process!”

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Richard Fertig & Tim Swart

STR University

Are you interested

in discovering if THE

Connect & Convert


is right for your business?

We’d love to offer you a complimentary Copy Clarity Consult.

The Copy Clarity Consult is a high-value session to help you gain clarity on what’s currently standing in the way of you crafting a message that connects and converts, and how to fix it.

From there, if our team believes The Connect & Convert Incubator will be supportive to you and your goals, we will share what it would look like to work together.

Who This Is For…

Who This Is Not For…

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