Take Your Emails To The Next Level By Creating Copy That Really Connects & Converts

I’ve got a million dollar secret I want to share with you…

If you want to persuade somebody to your point of view, you've got to put yourself into their view of the world, make sure you fully understand it... and then work from their understanding, not yours. 

 In the Conscious Copy Fundamentals Course we break down the essentials of email marketing and dive deep into consumer psychology and the art of connecting, engaging, and persuading your audience through copywriting.

Aka: The goal isn’t for them to understand you, the goal is for them to feel understood.

Here's What's Inside:

This is an online video training that will be delivered directly to your inbox when you purchase so you can watch the training and uplevel your copy in less than 2 hours.

You'll discover how to match the RIGHT email strategy with the RIGHT copy—one without the other will not work as effectively

Phase 1:

You'll explore consumer psychology so you can understand why people buy + different ways you can create an unbelievable customer experience once they do buy

Phase 2:

You'll dive into how you can tweak your copy and interview your prospects so you can become a “babe magnet” to your ideal client

Phase 3:

You'll discover tips and tricks that will instantly improve your copy so you can connect with your reader on a deeper level

Phase 4:

You'll explore strategies for email marketing that will have your prospects CRAVING your next email

Phase 5:

I genuinely want you to see MASSIVE success... 

Which is why I've made this course available for a "no-brainer" investment of only $97!! (valued at $997)

***100% Happiness Guarantee***

We want you to be totally happy with Conscious Copy Fundamentals. So just click the button above, and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page. After you enter your information, you’ll be given instant access to the entire course. Then, go through the material and use it to to elevate your brand persona and messaging. And, if after 30 days you aren’t completely and totally satisfied for any reason, we will give you your full investment back. It’s all risk-free. No hassles, no hard feelings.

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