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Write Copy That Connects & Gets The Right People To Click, Open, & Buy (In Half The Time)

​Never Stare At A Blank Document Again, Wondering How You’re Going to Write Words That Sell Your Stuff Online:

Entrepreneurs Using The Conscious Copy Method™

I sold out 110% of my workshop using what I learned.

“I love how easy and authentic my writing is and how what my audience read before they got to my workshop made them realize I could really help them.”

— Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge
Founder & Director of Dr. Roseann and Associates

 As a result we did an additional $50,000 that week. This stuff really works!

“I took what I learned and updated some copy on a page that was already live. The conversions went from 60 to over 400 within a couple of days… with the only change being the copy. As a result we did an additional $50,000 that week. This stuff really works!”
— Don Cooper
Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over salesy or pushy.

"Because of [what I learned] I have confidence in my own intuition and can now see how there is a way to do sales, marketing, and copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over-salesy or pushy.”
— Dr. Heidi Hanna
Founder and CEO of Synergy

Do You Want...

More of the right people taking action from your copy?

To sell more of your stuff online without coming across as pushy or needy?

To have people read your stuff and feel excited to learn how they can work with you… vs feeling like they’re being convinced?

Leave people better than when you found them thanks to your marketing?

If So, You’re Not Alone.


You know you can really help your customers & clients. 

You know you are the best at what you do. 

You know your product / service really works. 

Yet when you try to communicate what you do and why it’s different in a way that stands out and gets your ideal client to take action… you get stuck and frustrated.    

Or, maybe you feel overwhelmed because you or your team poured countless hours and thousands of dollars into your marketing… only to test it, and have it completely flop. No clicks. No opens. No sales. Just crickets.  

Whatever “tactic” you’re trying to use—Facebook Ads, organic social media, emails, sales pages, Messenger bots, webinars, direct mail, etc…  

They all have one thing in common that determine whether you get more clients or not:

The words on the page, aka THE COPY. 


Except they don’t call in sick and they don’t shpw up late… they just do their job, which is to sell!

IF they are set up to convert…

If not, then they are kinda like thousands… even millions of little sales repellers who stop people you can genuinely help from saying “YES” and buying.

With the right copy, you can begin to attract more high-level clients through your marketing more consistently and predictably so you can convert browsers into customers and raving fans for life.

What You’ll Get When You Join Connect & Convert

Connect & Convert is broken down into 7 core training modules.  The course is delivered through video, audio, and worksheets, all in our easy-to-use online portal.  

You’ll get simple tools, templates, and frameworks that show you how to write copy that gets the right people to click, open, and buy in half the time.

Module 1: How To Write Copy That Attracts The Right Buyers 

  • Gain clarity of what your ideal clients’ “hot buttons” are and what they need to hear in order to feel ready and confident to buy, using The Ideal Client SnapshotTM
  • The 6-point test to help you ensure that you only attract your dream clients through your copy.

Module 2: Communicate Your Offer So It’s A “No-Brainer” For The Right People

  • The 13 most critical pieces of information you must have to communicate you offer in a clear and compelling way.
  • How to create authentic urgency that helps your ideal clients come to a decision.

​Module 3: 15 Unique Ways To Capture Attention Through Powerful Headlines

  • Use these easy and proven headline plug-and-play templates to help you grab your reader’s attention without being “clickbality.”
  • The 3 words your ideal client needs to hear to believe you can help them.

Module 4: Create Interest & Desire That Keeps Them Reading

  • 5 Unique Ways to strike an emotional cord and have them thinkin’ “You get me!” and “Where do I sign up?” (without pushy & aggressive claims)
  • Simple and authentic ways to unravel the objections in a non-pushy, non-aggressive way.

Module 5: How To Sell The Destination…. Not The Commute

  • You’ll learn a 3-step formula to write benefit statements that’ll change the way you communicate in your business forever.   
  • Learn the simple 3-word string that’ll help your ideal clients immediately see that you get them and can really help them. 

Module 6: How To Build Immediate Credibility & Trust… Even With Complete Strangers Who Randomly Find Your Stuff

  • Answer these three questions and you’ll know how to position yourself to stand out in a noisy and crowded world. 
  • How to use the most powerful marketing tool on the planet so you can communicate to even the most skeptical people that you can genuinely help them.  

Module 7: How To Call The Right People Into Action

  • Train your audience to open, click, sign up, and buy without being pushy or salesy. 
  • Two simple tools to create urgency and have people see why “now” is the time for them to step forward into their vision.

These are the exact same tools and frameworks my team and I use to write the top online marketing campaigns for big-name entrepreneurs, and what clients pay over tens of thousands of dollars a day for me to help them with 1-on-1. 

How It’s Delivered To You


Powerful And Actionable Video Trainings

  • Forget the dragged out, boring two-hour-long video trainings over here. All of the videos are short and to the point so you can start writing cash-creating copy in no time!

Swipe Files, Templates, and Outlines

  • Plug-and-play email and website templates to speed up the time it takes from idea → sale. 

The Conscious Copy Worksheets 

  • Easy to fill out worksheets to help you string together your sales copy so all you gotta do is upload it, send it, and watch the sales roll in.

Instant Access

  • Need to write that sales page for your new product… like yesterday?  Jump in immediately so you can get it launched in no time.

Regular Investment

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$ 997

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$ 397

Sign Up Now And Get These Additional Bonuses, FREE!

Bonus #1: How To Write Like Ya’ Talk Video Training (Value $197)

  • Discover the 5 “bad copy archetypes” that cause buyers to become so bored by reading your copy that they leave too soon… and what to do instead. 

Bonus #2: The Million-Dollar Sales Page, Lead Magnet, Website and Email Outline (Value $497)

  • Get the sales page outline that has resulted in the generation of  millions of dollars for Conscious Copy & Co. and our clients.
  • Use the lead magnet and email outlines to start attracting highly qualified leads… daily.

Bonus #3: 5 Ways To Seed & Sell Training (Value $197)

  • Discover 5 simple ways to have your prospects asking to buy… long before you even make the offer. 

Total Value Including FREE Bonuses = $2,888

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You

Best Value

One Payment of
$ 997

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 397

Wins From Entrepreneurs Just Like You Using The Conscious Copy Method™

“One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was realizing I’ve been making it way more complicated than it needs to be, thinking I need to reinvent the wheel every time I write something. The structures and templates provided make it so much more doable. By being more benefit-driven in my communication my client had a breakthrough and after two years, over the last day she sold out her first program."
— Sacha Sterling
Business Coach
“I’d get writer’s block the minute I started thinking I needed to write an email. I would put it off all day long. As long as you’re coachable, this process will manifest the end result: You’ll be able to plug and play and duplicate yourself over and over again through your message. This is a way to get your time back. ”
— Trina Felber
CEO of Primal Life Organics
“Before, I was really connected to how great the service I provide is and was frustrated by how challenging it was to get that into the lap, inbox, and awareness of the people it would most serve. If you have dreams of doubling, tripling, quadrupling your sales and impact, and you’re not doing it, it’s likely your message is faulty. If you want to take real quantum leaps in your business, then this is going to help you do it.”
— Theora Moench
CEO of Truly Chosen
“Going to the Conscious Copy workshop has been THE needle-mover in my business. It’s for anyone whose business can be helped by more effective copy (which is to say all of us). I can easily say I’ve landed a handful of 5-figure clients as a result of what I learned in just a few days. Honestly if you did it and it didn’t pay off fivefold I would be shocked.”
— Anna David
NY Times bestselling author of 8 books, TEDx speaker, journalist, podcaster
Because of the method, I have confidence in my own intuition and can now see how there is a way to do sales, marketing, and copy that is genuine, authentic, and isn’t over-salesy or pushy.”
— Dr. Heidi Hanna
Founder and CEO of Synergy
“You can sit in front of me and feel how in love and committed I am, but if you looked at my online presence, it [was] boring. The big breakthrough for me was learning that I can write copy that can reach out and touch a woman as much as I can reach out and touch her when I’m sitting in front of her, and that’s huge for me because that's my zone of genius and you [couldn’t] feel that in my online presence.”
— Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen
Fertility & Pregnancy Specialist

Your Teacher: Jennifer Hudye

Jennifer Hudye is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Copy & Co., one of the top copywriting companies in the digital marketing world, where they help entrepreneurs communicate their vision and message in a way that inspires people to take action. Her clients have includes household names like Strategic Coach, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Bulletproof Coffee, Brendon Burchard, Sally Hogshead, Cameron Herold, and Summit, and Digital Agency Expo. In 2019 Jennifer co-led what was described as “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Panel” at the Genius Network Annual Event alongside legendary copywriters. Perry Belcher introduced her as “the copywriter behind the top copywriters” when she spoke at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Backed By The Conscious Copy Commitment 100% Money-Back Guarantee Here’s our promise.

We’re sure you’ll love it. In fact, we’re so confident that if you don’t love it… we’ll give you all your money back.

All you gotta do is show that you actually gave it a shot by sending in the worksheets for the first three modules to show you truly committed to giving the course a shot!

If you did and you don’t feel we’ve delivered the value we promised—just email our support team at with your worksheets, and we’ll issue you a full refund.  

So the worst-case scenario is you get to test-run it for free…

Best case is you start attracting loads of new clients who want to do business with you. 

If that sounds good to you, click the link below now to join us! I guarantee you’ll love it! 

Regular Investment

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You

Best Value

One Payment of
$ 997

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 397
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