What If You Could Create Winning Sales Messages In Less Time So You Can Help More Of The People You Were Meant To Help?

The Connect & Convert Incubator Will Help You Communicate Your Authentic Message In A Way That Motivates People To Take Action

Have you ever walked away from a marketing event with a laundry list of to-do items… followed by a wave of overwhelm wondering how you’re going to implement all of these cool new ideas?  

The “new/cool ideas” are great. But you and I both know that ideas are a dime a dozen. 

The results really come in taking action.

You know that new, innovative ideas are nothing without execution, and because your business has already seen the growth needed to get you here, you also know that if you want to produce exceptional financial results, you must implement what you’ve just learned.

Problem? You’re busy! It’s not always easy to put everything into action, but if you’re…

…Tired of going at it alone and want an extra set of eyes on your messaging / copy

…Feeling like you’re sitting on a gold mine and you’re ready to mine

…Really ready to share your message in a bigger way 

We would love to help you with your vision.  

Welcome To…

The Connect & Convert Incubator

The Connect & Convert Incubator is designed to support entrepreneurs and business owners craft powerful messages that inspire action.

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$1,000 Deposit Today.
$1,477/month for 5 months.



$2,000 Deposit Today.
$2,477/month for 5 months.

What You’ll Get When You

Quarterly 1-on-1 Rainmaker Session

  • We’re going to help you map out your 3-month messaging/ copy game plan in the Connect & Convert Incubator to help guide you on where to focus first so you can start getting results, faster!

Templates, Checklists, & Swipe Files For The Client Conversion Campaign & More

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  • It can be overwhelming and frustrating when you have an important project on your plate where the deadline is creeping up, yet you keep procrastinating because you’re stuck on where to begin so you’re left with the blank white page staring back at you. 
  • These proven and repeatable plug-and-play templates will help you get a head start on writing copy in days rather than weeks or months so you can grow faster.

Conscious Copy Strategy / Toolkit Call w/ Jennifer Every Month For 6 Months

  • The online marketing world is changing fast. Get copy and marketing tools that are working now from the experts that are in the trenches.
  • These calls will help you create winning campaigns/funnels no matter how the landscape changes. Stop pouring money into advertising that you “hope works” and instead get real-time feedback.
  • You will walk away from these calls with actionable marketing & copy tools you can immediately use to increase conversions when it comes to funnels, social media, and lead generation. 

Copy Review Sessions 3x/Month for 6 Months

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  • Got a burning question before you click “launch” on your next email campaign? Want an extra set of eyes on your sales page before it goes to design? Or a final review on that webinar script?
  • These virtual calls are interactive and a place for you to submit your copy to be reviewed LIVE by our Conscious Copy Coaches.

Get Extra Support In Between Within Our Private Community

  • If you have a question, challenge, or need a little motivation… head on over to our Private Online Community to get the support you need to keep going 🙂 

Five 1:1 Copy Critique Calls with a Conscious Copy Coach (Platinum Only)

  • Get one of our Conscious Copy & Co. Copywriters to personally review your copy before you make that next sales page, email sequence, or video series go “live” so you have confidence that it is set up to convert.
  • It’s always important to have an extra set of eyes on your marketing to scout out blind spots before you test—we will review your copy 1:1.

Strategy Q&A Office Hours with Jennifer – 1 per Month  (Platinum Only)

  • It’s challenging to come up with a big idea or strategy for a new marketing campaign when you’re so engulfed in your business. It’s kinda like that saying, “It’s hard to see the message when you’re in the bottle.”
  • Jennifer will help you get your strategy questions answered so you can focus on the biggest-needle movers when it comes to your copy and marketing.

  • Jennifer has been in the trenches of some of the most successful marketing campaigns and will help you cut the “trial and error” learning curve so you can earn more from your marketing.

The Conscious Copy Method™ Digital Course
(Bonus #1)

(Go through at your own pace)

This digital course will help you continue to craft a message that stands out and marketing that converts with our Conscious Copy Method™

Phase 1: The Unique Message™

  • Get clarity on how to communicate your message so you’re positioned to stand out.

Phase 2: The Ideal Client Snapshot™

  • Learn how to understand and communicate to your ideal clients’ “hot buttons” so you can communicate and sell… pretty much anything.

Phase 3: The Compelling Offer Communicator™

  • The step-by-step process to communicate your compelling offer.

Phase 4: The Client Conversion Campaign™

  • Templates, outlines, and processes to help you write copy that connects and converts.

Phase 5: The Conscious Copy Creation™

  • A proven and repeatable plug-and-play system for creating copy that converts.

Conscious Copy Virtual Workshops

 (Only For Members Who Pay In Full For Gold & Platinum) 

When you pay in full, you get a bonus ticket to a Conscious Copy Workshop.
Gold Members get a bonus ticket to one virtual workshop.
Platinum Members get a bonus ticket to two virtual workshops.

Your Core Message: How to State What You Do, Who You Do it For, and How You do it in a Simple & Powerful Way

Stories That Sell: How to Craft Powerful Stories That The Hearts of Your Audience and Inspire Them to Take Action

Vivid Vision: How to Clarify & Communicate Your Company's Future so it's a Place You and Your Team Want to Visit

Click Below To Choose Which Program
You’d Like To Join Us For!



$1,000 Deposit Today.
$1,477/month for 5 months.



$2,000 Deposit Today.
$2,477/month for 5 months.

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What Some Of Our Incubator Clients Are Saying!

 As a result we did an additional $50,000 the first week. This stuff really works!

“I took what I learned and updated some copy on a page that was already live. The conversions went from 60 to over 400 within a couple of days… with the only change being the copy. As a result we did an additional $50,000 the first week. This stuff really works! Also having my team trained has been a game-changer and freed up so much more of my time so I can spend it with my family. ”
Conscious Copy Thumbnail Image
— Don Cooper, Platinum Member
Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Jennifer and her team gave me actionable steps that I immediately implemented and saw a HUGE difference from Day 1.

"“We are so busy because of the changes we made through what I learned in PCI Incubator. Our call conversion rates have gone from 29.5% to 46% (and we get a ton of calls so our conversion rates should decrease as you get busier). Jennifer and her team gave me actionable steps that I immediately implemented and saw a HUGE difference from Day 1. I can’t say how instrumental this was for helping me get my message out. It has allowed me to help so many more kids and families.

Conscious Copy Thumbnail Image
— Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Gold Member
Founder & Director of Dr. Roseann and Associates

 We sold out our first-ever high-ticket event. 

“We sold out our first-ever high-ticket event. (36 seats @ $3,000 piece) Thank you so much for the amazing guidance throughout our Copy Critiques and your incredible advice throughout the entire process!”
Conscious Copy Image
— Richard Fertig & Tim Swart, Platinum Member
STR University

 So far I’ve done 10 sales @ $5K for a new course I haven’t even created yet.

“I followed the system and did my first live webinar. Having the Copy Critique Calls was so helpful. Over 100 people registered and 50 people showed up. So far I’ve done 10 sales @ $5K for a new course I haven’t even created yet.”
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— Amanda Goolsby, Gold Member
Aligned Success




$1,000 Deposit Today.
$1,477/month for 5 months.



$2,000 Deposit Today.
$2,477/month for 5 months.

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We are in your corner and just as committed to seeing you succeed as you are.  Over the course of the next six months you will have our support to ensure you launch faster and have confidence that your offers will convert.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Connect & Convert Incubator is not a mastermind or coaching group.  It is a messaging / copywriting incubator that provides personalized support to help you take your ideas and execute on them.  Joining this incubator should improve your effectiveness in the other groups you’re part of because you will be getting the guidance and support to actually execute on what you’re learning.

If you want improved results in your marketing and business you will find the time for what is important to you. The Connect & Convert Incubator is designed to save you time and money by providing templates, examples, and support to launch faster. If you cannot attend a live class for any reason, that’s okay, many people access the class recordings online and they see the same amazing results as those who attend the class live.

The question is, what kind of action will you take with what you have learned? Ultimately, your level of commitment, focus, and execution of the success system you’ve been given will determine your results. We assure you, if you do the work, you will see results.

The calls are Tuesdays of each week at 11:30am Pacific via live Zoom Call. The calls are uploaded to the membership site for your easy access within 24 hours afterwards. 

Yes, the audio files are downloadable and the video files are for online viewing. 

Investing in yourself and your own growth is the most valuable investment you can ever make. Benjamin Franklin said, “If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Learning the principles of effective marketing and copywriting is a skill for life that will continue to pay dividends.  

Yes, payment plans are available.The Connect & Convert Incubator was built from the idea that this is like a program/school that should pay you to attend. Meaning, by investing in the program, if you take action and do the work, you should generate multiples of what your investment is.

Yes, The Platinum Program allows one of your team members to be part of the entire program. You can only add team members who are part of your company, not a different company.

If you have additional questions – feel free to reach out to support@consciouscopy.co. We would love to assist you!