We help small businesses connect with their prospects so that they become raving customers.

Inspired To Help Through My Own Journey…

growing and engaging

Hey Friend, I’m Jennifer. Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.

I started out like a lot of my clients. I was a coach..specifically in
the health and wellness space.

I started attending information marketing conferences on the
regular. You know the ones where we all jump around to music,
give each other life-changing hugs and high fives...and then of course..learn about online marketing & personal development.

I kept hearing about the importance of growing and engaging with my list at these hug-fest events.

So...I created different lead magnets and started doing paid traffic to build my list. I soon ended up with thousands of emails.

Once I got those leads I thought, “Okay great, now what? Do I just start sending out e-blasts to these people to buy my stuff?”

Other marketers were doing it...but being on the receiving end did NOT feel good.

So...I tried a different approach.

I decided to take my email list on dates (metaphorically speaking of course). Get to know em’, give amazing and valuable content, tell them stories, and ask them questions.

Then…when the time was right, or I got an obvious signal, I’d send out a great offer and they’d buy from me.

This propelled me to study from the greats in direct marketing and begin to learn about “nurture campaigns”, that is, funnels that build a relationship with my subscribers so that I build influence and rapport with them.

From there, I implemented autoresponder campaigns into my business. Autoresponders allow me to build relationships and make sales on autopilot via email so I can scale my business and free up time.

When I finally launched my first BETA program 10% of my entire list purchased and I sold all my spots in less than 48 hours.

Not to mention, I created massive engagement with my list. I received incredible responses and feedback, which also helped me make ongoing business decisions. They essentially knew they were part of my community. As a result, they took action when I invited them to.

Here are a couple messages out of thousands I received…


And another….


It’s like dating for email marketing. Aka create a bond and connection with the audience so they want to do business with you.

Are you just looking for a one night stand?

A hit it and quit it method that will leave you searching for new clients every week? That’s not a long-term strategy.  You want to build a loyal community that actually engages with you by reading your emails, buying your stuff, and referring you to others.

This is the secret sauce to building a loyal tribe that looks to you as their Authentic Influencer™.

But this comes with a lot of responsibility.

My core mission is to help improve the quality of people’s lives. Both yours and your clients.

So with that, Conscious Copy & Co. was born. We want to help you become the #1 influencer in your niche, build your tribe, grow your business, and of course, make a positive impact.