Got a big launch coming up or a funnel to build? Are you feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of copy that needs to be written that you’re dreading the whole process?

No matter what kind of sales funnel you’re doing, it needs to be in perfect alignment from start to finish. The entire “flow” of your sales funnel will depend on where your leads are coming from, and how (or even IF) they’ve been nurtured. Every funnel is different based on where your leads came in from.

It’s just like dating. If you meet someone on versus meeting them through a friend, you’re going to approach the date differently. Your interaction with them all depends on how you met them.

The same concept applies to your funnel.

Our team is experienced in webinar funnels, book launches, 4-part sales launches, and follow up sequences after big speaking gigs.

We create the framework for the email campaign and write all of the copy. Our team supports you throughout the launch in case there are any changes or adjustments that need to be made in order to be as successful as possible!

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Messaging Discovery:

    We tap into your unique messaging, your niche audience, and your hook/angle for your offer, and we make sure that the strategy leads and guides your subscriber to your offer.

  • Copy Creation:

    Our skilled set of copywriters craft your emails like a work of art, not only to make sure they sound like you, but also to ensure they are optimized to convert.

  • Feedback/Insights:

    We live and breathe marketing and email copy. Think of us as part of your extended team during your launch to help provide you feedback and insights on your funnel. We know that this is only one piece of the puzzle, and our #1 goal is to see you succeed.

    Who It’s For:

  • You’re clear of my brand positioning and ideal client already.

  • You have an “active” list that you’ve nurtured ahead of time before you plan to launch.

  • You’re confident that your product/service delivers massive value and works.

  • You’ve used permission-based marketing to sell to your list (aka they opted into receiving emails from you).

  • You have resources that you can use as value pieces (ex: blog posts, videos, articles) to give to your list.

    Who It’s Not For:

  • You want a silver bullet solution.

  • You don’t have complete clarity on what you want.

  • You are juggling about 10 other projects and this is a priority, but not really.

  • You don’t give a sh*t about truly helping people… you just want to make money.

  • You’re not willing to invest in your business.

  • You haven’t nurtured your list at all. They opted in a long time ago, and this is the first campaign you’re sending them.


Depends on the type of funnel and how long the launch is.

Investment starts at $4,997 +

Next Steps…

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If you’re skeptical and wondering if this is some kind of “bait and switch,” that’s understandable.

The good news is, it’s NOT.

We’re willing to pay YOU $150 in the event that you feel this free call was a complete waste of your time. Again, no strings attached.

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