You are busy and have a lot going on. You spend time every single week sitting down and writing emails to go out to your list, promoting certain deals you have going on, and editing and grammar checking those emails. It takes A LOT OF TIME.

But you’re smart…

…you know that it’s part of the online business gig.

…to serve your list so well and develop a relationship, so that they look to you as their Trusted Advisor and Influencer. As a result, you are always top of mind, and they will become passionate, paying clients and customers.

According to a DemandGen report, potential customers you nurture with emails produce, on average, a 20% INCREASE in sales opportunities over those that don’t get nurtured.

Forrester research suggests that businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales.

You understand the importance of this, but you don’t have time to sit down and write the emails yourself… nor do you really want to.

You also know that hiring a full time copywriter that actually knows what they are doing can be up to $15,000+/month.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Messaging Discovery:

    We tap into your unique messaging, your niche audience, and compelling offers, and we make sure that the strategy leads and guides your subscriber to the outcome you desire

  • Copy Creation:

    Our skilled set of copywriters craft your emails each week like a work of art, not only to make sure they sound like you, but also to ensure they are optimized to convert.

  • Feedback/Insights:

    We live and breathe email copy. Every 30 days we sit down and get clear of what your marketing/sales goals are for the upcoming month and provide you feedback and insights on your funnel. We know that this is only one piece of the puzzle, and our #1 goal is to see you succeed.

    Who It’s For:

  • You’re clear of your brand positioning and have different offers that you extend out to your list.

  • You’re making money via email marketing but you want to delegate the writing out to someone else.

  • It’s important for you to build an authentic relationship with your list, and you see the massive value in that.

  • You have resources that you can use as value pieces (ex: blog posts, videos, articles) to give to your list.

    Who It’s Not For:

  • You want a silver bullet solution.

  • You don’t have complete clarity on what you want.

  • You are juggling about 10 other projects and this is a priority, but not really.

  • You don’t give a sh*t about truly helping people… you just want to make money.

  • You’re not willing to invest in your business.


1 email/week = $997/month

2 emails/week = $1,497/month

3 emails/week = $1,997/month

4 emails/week = $2,497/month

5 emails/week = $2,997/month

Consulting/Optimizing = $997/month (4 hours/month)

(This is for someone who wants to write their own emails but wants a ninja copywriter to look over copy, make adjustments, and strategize with them.)

Next Steps…

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You will leave our call having a blueprint to bridge the gap from your current situation to where you want to go.

If you’re skeptical and wondering if this is some kind of “bait and switch,” that’s understandable.

The good news is, it’s NOT.

We’re willing to pay YOU $150 in the event that you feel this free call was a complete waste of your time. Again, no strings attached.

But, my hope is that you’ll get so much massive value that you’ll want to see how you can go deeper and work with Conscious Copy.

It’s called Value-First Marketing.

We want it to be a “no-brainer” move for all our clients to work with us. If you’re interested, click below and book an Email Marketing Audit.

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