Do THIS Before You Write A Single Word Of Copy

So… I recently had to take a DMV written license exam again because I moved. Get this… I FAILED it at age 23!

And I’ll be honest – that damn thing was hard! Not just that, but I also felt like researching and studying for it would’ve just been a total bore

So I decided to “shortcut” my research by going off my memory, common sense, and relying on some of my own creativity.

But here’s what I realized from all this:

Doing the proper research and studying can actually SAVE you tons of time, headaches, and frustration!

That was so true in this case…

And it’s exactly the same when it comes to writing sales copy. In fact… when it comes to sales copy, research is your best friend.

A “friend” that can guide you through some sketchy times.

And can make you a LOT of money.

Doing the proper research BEFORE you lay down a single word of copy can make a whole world of difference.

I’ll show you how and why that’s true in just a sec…

First, I want you to understand that at the end of the day, proper research will amount to more responses & more conversions.

That’s because doing the proper research gives you more clarity on who you’re selling to.

It gives you more clarity on what people want. It gives you more clarity on what it is you are selling…

I could really go on and on about how important it is to do the proper research before writing sales copy – and hey, maybe I will eventually 😉


For the sake of time and energy, I’ll just leave you with ONE key point to remember out of all of this:

When it comes to writing sales copy (or any kind of copy for that matter) – do the proper research FIRST. It will amount to more sales, better conversions, higher engagement…

And more moolah in your bank account.

I wanna know – are you the uber researcher or the “I’ll just wing it” type of writer? Comment below!

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