5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

Today, I’m going to share with you 5 simple ways to build your email list.

Now first off…

It isn’t all about size.

It’s how you wiggle your worm, aka what you do when you get all those leads that really matters 😉

When I first started out in the online marketing space (with my old fitness business), my list was only 300 people when I launched my first online program which ended up selling out in 48 hours.

I know people who have a list of 10,000-50,000 but aren’t making any money from that list, the open rates are practically zero, and they just come across as spammy.

So hopefully you’ve been learning how to “wow” your ideal clients when they opt in from our time together.

But you gotta get leads, so here are 5 ways how:

1. Sign Off With Your Lead Magnet

Anytime you send regular emails through your Gmail, Outlook, or whatever you use…sign off with your signature and put your Lead Magnet link below.

Lead Magnet = Free gift for exchange of their name and email.

See my example below. I use a plugin called “wisestamp” to create a good looking signatures.






(P.S. If your email is still a yahoo.com or aol.com, do yourself a favor and update that shit…lol trust me on this one, I got your back.)

2. Standing O to Lead Magnet.

Any time you are giving a speech, whether it’s to 10 people or 1,000 people offer a badass Lead Magnet that’s congruent with your talk.

Simply say:

“Now I only had time to share so much in this talk. Can I offer you the {Compelling Titled Lead Magnet} so that you can continue to get results with this?

If you’re interested in getting it and learning more, simply go to {easy to remember URL page OR if you have a text service get them to text a number to get the email}.”

That’s it. Now you’ve delivered them massive value AND opened the conversation to keep connecting with you!

3. Pop It Up

Do you have a pop up opt in on your website?

This will instantly increase conversations.

One of my favorites is Sumome.com. It’s super easy to use and there’s a free version if you want to start.

4. FB Ads

Of course, paid traffic is the ultimate way of getting leads. Make sure that you have some basic knowledge about it before you start spending money on it.

If you really want to grow & scale your business and make a big impact…Facebook Ads are going to help you get there.

5. Podcast Interviews

I’ve found a lot of success in getting leads from podcast interviews. Any time someone interviews me I will create a custom URL for their podcast.

For example I was recently on the Solopreneur podcast and after delivering a ton of massive value I invited the listeners over to www.consciouscopy.co/solo to get “The Effective Email Cheat Sheet™.”

I got over 100 leads from offering that on the podcast.

I challenge you to implement one of these new tactics this week… which one will you try first? Comment below and let me know!

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