4 Key Elements To Marketing That You NEED To Get Right

A good friend of mine Joe Polish (Founder of I Love Marketing and Genius Network) recently sent me this Podcast to listen to.

The podcast is on Richard Viguerie talking about the 4 key elements to business.

Both Joe & Richard are total legends in the marketing world.

Now I’m assuming you’re a coach, expert, or thought leader if you’re reading this.

And you may be thinking, “Yo Jenn…why is this relevant to me?  I’m not a marketer.”

And I say, “Oh..but you are.”

If you’re selling products, services, or even an idea…you are a marketer.

Back to the Four Horseman.

(P.S. I’d write this down if I were you and tape it up somewhere so that you never forget.)


You need to identify the hole in the marketplace that you are going to own. The more niche…the better.


What makes you different than your competitors? Just be careful not to differentiate by price…that’s a slippery slope.


What is your value proposition?  How does this HELP your dream client?


This is a combination of the above three.  Seth Godin calls it “being the purple cow.”  What feeling do you want people to have every time they experience you and your company?

I challenge you to jot these down and write out what your Positioning, Differentiation, Benefit, and Brand are.

You should know these like the back of your hand.



P.S. You know “those” business owners?

The ones who think they can do everything themselves…

Who refuse to outsource to people with special mad skillz that they lack…

Who progress so slowly and never seem to get to that next level because they’re trying to learn everything themselves and it takes 5x as long…

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